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Be A Meditator- Begin meditation where you are

 What is an inner self? The inner self is to know our purpose, values, vision, goal, motivations and beliefs. Not what has been told to us by others. The inner self is an individual's personal, internal identity. One that is distinct from identities defined by external forces. To get mentally tough, it is important to deepen our connection with our inner self, which brings balance as well as peace in our day-to-day life. Also, it brings self-love and self-compassion. Meditation is a staircase to knowing our inner selves. Begin meditation where you are.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Keep Meditating

Be A Meditator-Loving our thoughts and observing our breath

 Can there be any similarity between a phone call and meditation? When we are talking over the phone we are listening to the caller and then we are answering. One voice comes in and the other goes out. we are focusing on both. In the same way, we observe our incoming and outgoing breath. Preferably focus on the turning point of the breath.                                                                                                                                                                                                Keep Meditating

Be A Meditator- Sharing meditation with another soul is deeply connecting and peaceful

  It is often recommended for beginners to meditate in a group. Meditating on our own is lovely, yet there is something special about sharing it with another soul. It is deeply connecting and peaceful. While meditating together we may not receive desired insight. But it is more likely that we experience a rush of energy.  It may create a space for simple quiet awareness.                                                                                                                                                    Keep Meditating

Be A Meditator- Take delight in your being

  Think of the feelings you have on your birthday. Most people feel nice and elated. "Oh! this is my special day. I will do what I love to do." One might go into reveries and think of beautiful events that might have taken place in the past. Objectively birthday is like any other day. The only difference is that one feels delighted. So to say, take delight in your being. Meditate consistently to feel good and joyful every day like your birthday.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Keep Meditating  

Be A Meditator- Spread happiness like first blooms of spring with regular meditation

   Meditation provides a way of learning. Learn to play a musical instrument. When our fingers come in contact with strings, positive vibrations are created. learn to dance like a peacock, who doesn't care about weather conditions, it just dances. Read books and increase your knowledge. One would see a lovely change in himself like the incoming spring.                                                                                                                                                                     Keep Meditating

Be A Meditator- Lets meditate to strengthen ourselves to boldly face the future

   Each day brings us a new message, and so does 26 January for Bharat. This day reminds us that we have Liberty of speech, expression, belief, faith, and worship. Meditation helps us maintain a balance of these liberties. However, let's meditate to strengthen ourselves to boldly face whatever comes in our way.                                                                Keep Meditating

Be A Meditator- Grandmother's meditation reaches the sleeping baby

We hear so many things about meditation. Like, meditation gets rid of negative thoughts, relaxes our mind, improves creativity, eliminates stress, cultivates inner peace, and so on. In the above sentence, we observe that all the benefits go to the meditator. But can my meditation reach someone else? In some instances yes!. "Grandmother's meditation may reach the uneasy baby and calm him down, may even put him to sleep."                                                                    Keep Meditating          

Be A Meditator- Dive deep into your breath

     Diving deep into our breath can be as adventurous as diving deep into the sea. Diving deep into the sea takes us to the world of corals, seaweeds, frilled sharks, glowing colourful fish, and so many other rare and amazing species. Similarly diving deep into our breath gives us new experiences we become calm, peaceful, and resilient. There may be many more new experiences.                                                                                                                                          Keep Meditating

Choose the Middle Path For Meditational Practice too.

 Quote. ' choose the middle path for meditational practice too" is inspired by the 'MIDDLE WAY' philosophy of Gautam Buddha. He himself went through the two extremes of life. Luxury and Self Denial. Finally, he adopted the middle path which could be easily practised by a common man. Buddha gave a theory of the Eightfold Path for the cessation of suffering.                                                                                                                          MIDDLE WAY PHILOSOPHY OF BUDDHA 1- Right understanding        2-Right thought        3-Right speech           4- Right Action                                5-Right Livelihood              6-Right Efforts         7-Right Mindfulness  8-Right concentration   Meditation is an integral part of achieving these righteous goals.                                                                                                                                        Keep Meditating             

Be A Meditator- Learn breath pegging to remain healthy, calm and amiable

 The little boy camping out on a field trip says " just like we need to learn tent pegging when we go for field trips from school, we also need to learn breath pegging to remain healthy, calm and amiable." he is a little meditator, who has greater understanding, and endurance for attention.                                                                                                                Keep Meditating 

Be A Meditator-Character formation is the first outcome of meditation

   When I started meditating. I was just meditating every day, without thinking about its outcome. One day my brother told me that I have become calm and more patient. Was I impatient? I asked myself. I did feel that I was less impulsive.                                                                                                                                     Veterans say character formation is the first outcome of meditation. Characters like becoming more aware of the family's requirements. Care for the poor and needy. A meditator works with energy and values time. also one can become much more thoughtful, contemplative, imaginative, and calm.                                                                               Keep Meditating

Be A Meditator- Answers come when mind is still

 Whenever we are stepping into an unknown field. there are many ifs and buts. If the mind is filled with chaos, it is very difficult for answers to come. When the mind is still the answers will come pouring in. But stillness, like happiness, is not an innate characteristic, but a skill that can be learnt and reinforced through habit and repetition. Meditation identifies the chaos within ourselves and steers clear us from it.                                                                     Keep Meditating  

Be A Meditator- Let the vibrations of meditation reach the universe

   Let the vibrations of meditation reach the universe, like the warmth of the sun reaching people after winter. Soaring high with jubilation like a kite flying in the sky. Enjoy and celebrate.                                                                                                            Keep Meditating                                                                                                                                        

Be a Meditator- Resisting change may only hurt.

  Things may not go as planned for everyone all the time. Making a plan is simple, and setting a goal is simple, but when things go sideways, we also need to adapt to the new situation and adopt new plans. Adapting to a new situation is not easy. Can meditation help in this regard?  Yes, meditation can help us calm down and we may be willing to give it a second thought.                                                                                                                                               Keep Meditating

Be A Meditator- Meditation is a powerful invitation to make you calm and happy

 Purple flowers are so inviting! We can see happiness travelling from snow-covered winter to blossoming spring. Never forget happiness. Keep looking for ways and means to be happy and create happiness.           We often get invitations to enjoy a party or a get-together. But do we get an invitation to come and be calm and happy? Meditation is a powerful invitation to make us calm and happy.                                                                                                           Keep Meditating

Be A Meditator- When my thoughts spill over

  During meditation, many thoughts may appear in the form of worldly objects or emotions like good food, money, car, music, mobile, love and my love for my pet. These emotions sometimes reach a point at which they can no longer be controlled or contained. Years of frustration may even spill over into the form of violence.  At such a juncture, meditation comes to our rescue. It calms us down and develops greater understanding.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Keep Meditating

Be A Meditator- Is it possible to still our body, feelings and mind?

   When we start meditating, many of us make deliberate efforts to still our body, feelings and mind. In most cases, we are able to still our body to a great extent for some time. But the mind is just out of control. Personal thoughts, events that happened yesterday or the book/ articles we were reading the other day. thoughts about kith and kin, all are lined up to cross our minds. Even thoughts across the globe, the universe sun, moon and stars, spirituality keep appearing. Regular practice of meditation shows that thoughts come and go. It's fine. if we are not caught up with them. Calmness, patience and trust grow with regular practice of meditation.                                                                                                                                                                                          Keep Meditating

Be A Meditator- Wear a great big smile upon your face

   A smile is the beauty of the soul. When we see a smiling face, then there is a sudden surge of joy in ourselves. Yes, a smile is a key that fits in the lock of everybody's heart. When people are comfortable around us then things will automatically fall into place. A smiling face accompanied by meditation will give strength from distress and fill you with happiness and joy.                                                                                                                                           Keep Meditating

Be A Meditator-Nurture your passion and be with your breath

 Caring for our garden can be a great form of mindful meditation. By connecting with nature and with the practice of gardening, we can cultivate a healthy mind and feel calm and connected. "Nurture your passion like a flame, foster your wisdom and harvest your joy like a gardener and find yourself in your breath" Observe your breath while gardening too.                                                                                                                                                                                 Keep Meditating 

Be A Meditator- Meditation is realisation of mental and physical processes too

  Meditation is not just for concentration but for the realisation of mental and physical processes too. for example, while walking, the mind must follow the process of movement of the foot very attentively and closely. like first noting left foot and right foot. then lifting, pushing forward, and dropping the foot. to enhance awareness one must walk slowly, and take small steps. Walking meditation enables the meditator to be free from all kinds of mental and physical suffering and to live happily and blissfully.                                                                                            Keep Meditating