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Be A Meditator- To love yourself, you have to know yourself

    A number of times, we want to know, how have we performed. We are looking for other's opinions about our performance, which may be conflicting and confusing. It is better to accept ourselves as we are. this is self-acceptance or knowing ourselves. Now, we should  try to recognise our strength and weaknesses, this will increase confidence and we will start loving ourselves. Meditation can guide us in knowing ourselves.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Keep Meditating

Be A Meditator- To become really free drop the need for security and approval

  I think we are aware that some people around us feel very insecure in life. they are always trying to reach out to people or gadgets, which they think will give them a sense of security. Also, whenever some of us are doing something new we try to seek approval before or after doing the task. Seeking approval will keep us trapped. However, if we truly stop seeking other people's approval, something remarkable may happen. To be really free, the need for security and approval must be completely dropped. Meditation can help us in achieving this goal.                                                                                                                                                                                              Keep Meditating                          

Be A Meditator-Whisk in some freshness in your life

 It often happens that when we start a new job or new project. We are very excited, but slowly we fall into a routine. Like we start our day by taking a walk, breakfast and then rush to work.... then back from work, eat, rest and again start for another day, so is the working of a machine. Do we want to live like a robot, dry, lifeless, mechanical life? I am sure the answer from most of us is a big NO. Meditation can help us in bringing freshness to life. Breathe, recreate and meditate.                                                                                                                                                 Keep Meditating

Be A Meditator- Our breath is like a chocolate chip

   The little girl in the picture is sharing her experience of eating cookie with choco chip. She says when she eats cookie with her eyes closed, then suddenly there appears a very nice taste in the mouth. there is joy all over her body. She sways with happiness. In the same way when we continue to observe our breath, there appear moments of joy, which uplift our mood. In the cookie of life, our breath is like the chocolate chip.                                                                            Keep Meditating

Be A Meditator- The true happiness lies within

   Searching for true happiness? We keep looking for it, in worldly pleasures, going for adventure trips, eating in luxurious restaurants. Keeping the company of people who can make us laugh, watch a stage play, dance, movie, or musical recitals. But when we return home, all these things are left behind.  The happiness we seek lies, in doing good to others, share our belongings, smile. These qualities will always remain with us, as we have chosen to have them. Meditation can enhance these habits.  So to say, True happiness lies within us. It doesn't come from outside.                                                                                                                          Keep Meditating

Be A Meditator- Stay connected with your breath

   Stay connected with our breath, how? Breath happens so automatically, it can easily be overlooked unless we are experiencing some difficulty with breathing. When we are at ease our breath is like rhythmic wave. With the help of meditation, we can inculcate a habit of breathing gently. this will help us to be gentle throughout the day. So that we are not affected by situations outside of us or by the world around us.                                                                               Keep Meditating