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How about entering into timelessness?

As fresh as a ...

Meditate With Your Heart and Soul

            Meditate with your heart and soul for achieving an integrated and fulfilling life.   We all want to have a fulfilling and integrated life. When our dreams are realised, we get a glorious feeling of fulfilment, however, a number of times our dreams are not realised, Does that mean our life will remain full of worries, fear, anger and dissatisfaction. No! If we meditate with heart and soul, it will help us to embrace our worries, our fear, our anger and that will ultimately lead to tremendous satisfaction leading to an integrated and fulfilled life.

Meditation unlocks treasure chests :)

It zooms by

If you want love, you gotta try this ...

Meditation is better than alcohol

I am going to bet on my breath ...

But we must do it regularly :)

A new path for 'New'manity

Meditation Leads to More Insight Into the Essence of Life

   Meditation! Meditation! Meditation!  What is this meditation? I don't have time for meditation. I have to rush to my college, school or workplace. There is so much of domestic chores remaining. We may come across such arguments. Such thoughts communicate, we need to calm our mind and body.    Meditation can steady the mind and encourage feelings of acceptance and harmony, like saying "Yes, I have to do these things". By staying in the moment, mental stress level can be reduced dramatically. If I am staying in a calm and relaxed body, all the work will go on without stress.                                                                                                                    Keep meditating

It is like a mini vacation ... how about taking one right now?

As within so without ...

What about you?

With meditation, we grow more and more fearless everyday

Presence makes us magnetic, meditation makes us present :)

Intuition Is the GPS of the soul

And meditation refines our intuition. 

The Little Lotus That Grows Within Your Heart

  Do you know, what saved my dream from perishing? Something that I dreamt of years back. It was a path totally different from the usual norm. When I quit everything to tread on my path, criticism started pouring in. I was feeling rejected and depressed, then do you know, what saved me? I meditated and meditated, soon these demeaning words were not able to penetrate my aura. The lotus which was in my heart started blooming.  Criticism kills the little lotus that grows within our hearts. Protect it with meditation.                                                                                                    Keep Meditating                                        

Meditation expands our hearts

A lighter Note: What are the side-effects of meditation?

Isn't It Time?

Meditation is like organic compost

How do we mind our own business?

Time for some soul indulgence

Breath awareness helps us turn into our essence

Power of Meditation

  Can we prune the experiences of the past and work on remaining to blossom into the present?  As we go on meditating our minds learn to' let go'.  for instance, we start telling ourselves, I should not interfere in others affairs, it's their business. Now we don't get worked up when someone says " you are not trustworthy". As I know, I am working in good faith and that's enough. Meditation is helping me in pruning those negative thoughts and harnessing the energy within.                                     "Meditate to blossom into a fruitful present"

What does meditating together do to a family?

You can friend us now :)

It is the real deal

Meditation is like a deep tissue massage for my inner world

To feel well today, meditate today

Be Mindful