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No matter what ...

What counts?

Use your breath to come through meltdowns

My journey into meditation - Gauri Chadha

When I look at how my life has unfolded in the last one year, I find it hard to believe that I am the same Gauri who the doctor could not believe was even standing on her own two feet in early 2017. I had been diagnosed with severe type 2 Diabetes and my sugar levels were touching 400 (the normal is 120). I felt undervalued in my personal and professional life and had developed what seemed like a permanent rash under my eyebrow that crushed my girlhood dream to be a model for a cosmetics brand. It was then that I decided that I cannot let myself die this way. I have to find a way out and started searching for answers. My search led to a conversation about Past Life Regression . On finding out more, I discovered a Past Life Regression practitioner who became my mentor and guided me through my time of crisis. The first thing I realized was that my current reality was heavily influenced by the many many decisions I had taken in the distant past. I saw how repeated thoughts had becom

Key To Living A Happy Life

   There are moments when we feel insecure. There are moments when we feel jealous, and that's normal. It is very normal emotion. There are hundreds of emotions. What is important is our action, our attitude, and our reactions to that. What we choose is one of the key to living a happy life. Meditation guides us to choose that.

It rises with each session

Are you ready to love yourself fiercely?

Is Okay Okay?

like Nutella?

Treat all thoughts the same

Meditation opens our third eye

The Third Eye by Lobsang Rampa is a good book if you want to understand metaphysics more.  

Above all else

Well, not over studies during exam time or work during work time. But choose meditation over a lot of other things. 

Let the soul talk

 Sometimes there is a call for you to enter a place of silence. There's a sanctuary within, some call it your inner peace, blissful surrender. Silence is full of answers, thats when soul starts talking. Meditation, can be a life giving way to tap into that spaciousness. 

Need some love advice?

Also, where self-love begins but never ends. 

How to convince your child to meditate?

Or maybe it begins :)

Just like kids watch cartoons

Meditation Is My Butter Half

Meditation is free

Meditation opens the doorway to knowing.

 It is said, 'ignorance is bliss' If I don't know anything, then I don't have to worry about what is coming. But, if we want to be ready for what is coming, then we need to gather knowledge, to act with wisdom and courage.  " I do not know is a tremendous doorway ---the only doorway to knowing."

The best way to still a muddy mind is ...

Inhale into the present moment

Lets us drink to awareness

Is running away a solution?

Stay close to people who bring out your life

Ready to explore the world?

Just like explorers who go out into uncharted territories, meditators go within into unknown realms. 

Our inspiration for Meditation Ambassadors

Today, we are featuring Parnika. She inspired us to start our Meditation Ambassador of the month section. Our deepest gratitude to her dad Vinayak Sharma . Thank you. May many many children take up meditation at an early age.

Meditation Harmonises Thoughts

    Did you ever think, every conflict, battle or war sprang from someone's disharmonious thoughts?  They are not in harmony with their thoughts. When we live in harmony with our thoughts. We experience a great sense of peace and happiness in every aspect of our lives. We are able to achieve things, which we could not dream about earlier.  Meditation harmonises thoughts.

Everyday is what?

Meditation feels like what again?

Meditation feels Yummy

I am a gift