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Be compassionate

Compassion increases with meditation :) ... keep meditating. It will benefit many beings. 

Marinate your mind with meditation :)

Marinate your mind with a jar full of meditation, a cup full of spiritual books and a basket full of like-minded people. 

Kiss your breath ...

Bet on the timeless

Work Hard Dream Big

Meditation empowers us to process emotions and express them skilfully

Are you happy or sad today? Every day we are confronted with such emotions. Sometimes we are excited or uncertain, lonely, bitter. Some of us try to control these emotions. However, there may be a point when we can no longer control it.  Then there may be a sudden outburst. None of us want such outburst to regret later. Then, is there anything which can process these emotions? Yes, meditation empowers us to process and express them skillfully. Once emotions are processed, they come out beautifully, loving, soothing and abundant.                                                           Keep Meditating

YOLO ...

I found myself in meditation ...

the better it gets, the better it gets ...

Find your message here ...

There is always a way ... and your breath will lead you to it

Unwind with your breath

Meditator is a natural appreciator

How do we react to the small achievements of a baby? We all applaud, but when the same baby grows up and does something good, our level of appreciation changes. We tend to become judgemental.  It is observed that appreciation can make a day or even change someone's life. We feel most satisfied when someone appreciates our work. A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected. What we need to do is just put appreciation into words. this can be achieved through meditation. Appreciation for other's naturally comes to a meditator.                                         Keep Meditating

which one?

Maybe all three :), but start with meditation. 

Who is the real king?

Become an extension of oneness with meditation ...

Breath time is me time ...

A healthy outside starts from the inside

Let us face our paper tigers with meditation

It is a good way to face the things we fear. Just observe your fears, like in your daily practice, you have practiced observing your breath. Observing without evaluating.

Meditation Helps us to rise above negativity

 We all are looking for peaceful abode. But we observe intolerance off and on, here and there in different countries. People start agitating, brick-batting on trivial issues. Have we forgotten the deeds like, kindness, helping, caring and humility? Hate cannot drive out hate. We all know, no problem of human relations is ever insoluble. The good always outnumbers intolerant. We can convert intolerance into tolerance by carrying out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward. This attitude can be developed by meditation. Yes, Meditation can help us rise above negativity and keep clear of energy that weighs us down.                                                        Keep Meditating.

Now choose?

Meditation helps us improve our relationships

With heightened awareness, we become aware of what we are bringing to our relationships. It hardly ever happens that we have zero contribution to the state of a relationship. When we can own our part and make corrections, the overall picture improves. If we keep on doing this, it improves more and more. There is no guarantee, but very often, other people also change when they see us changing. In order to change, we have to let go of our investment in old ideas. Old ideas that no longer serve us are dissolved through meditation. Keep up your daily practice. Or join us in our daily 6:00 am practice. 

Eat mindfully ...

Sometimes we must go through our pain with awareness

It is always good to have the guidance of a teacher in such times.  Sometimes life is not as easy or fun as we would like it to be. Awareness is a wonderful tool to allow the pain to pass through without increasing it with more negative thoughts. Read our article on forbearance (Titiksha ) for more on this subject. 

Meditation gives you access to the whole universe within ...

A meditative mind gently snips off all our sins ...

Meditation Lets Our Spirit Flow

"How much I wish that I am a little more tolerant and not get disturbed by little changes.  I love them so much, but my love doesn't reach them." "Is there anything I can do to be happy, act with wisdom and be more compassionate?" Yes, like stagnant water needs just a little opening to find its way. In the same way, by practicing meditation our spirit will flow into happiness, compassion, wisdom, tolerance, love and various other positive emotions.                                                   Keep Meditating

It is time to energize ... it is time to meditate ...

Happy Monday :) 

My baggages seem to fall away as I meditate

Every moment in meditation is an experience

The beauty of a moment is enhanced by our awareness of it.