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Be A Meditator- Be a natural observer of your own life

   Think of the time, when you were traveling by train and looking out of the window. What did you see? You might have seen fields in which tractors were moving, children playing outside their houses, a railway crossing where people were waiting for the train to pass. You might have also come across factories with tall chimneys and many other things.   What happens when we have crossed these regions? Do these things still affect us? Generally, no, these are the things we saw while traveling. In the same way, when we are traveling through our journey of life, we should become a natural observer of our own life. Just noticing, watching, and not judging. Meditation can help us to reach such a state.                                                                                                                                                                                      Keep Meditating

Put all your Presence into the Current Action

 We all know, Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. While doing any action, put all your presence physical, mental, emotional and spiritual into current action.                                                                                          Practice yoga every day

Be A Meditator- Meditate to overcome fear and condemnation

   Everyone thinks, that what I am saying is right, " I have well reasoned it out. It is based on facts and figures." But then why do some people differ from us? Sometimes this difference of opinion leads to heated arguments. In extreme cases leads to riots and arsenal. Also, some people live in perpetual fear of the unknown. Fear is an emotion that generates from within. We have to learn to manage it. We can overcome fear and condemnation by meditating regularly.                                                                                                                                      Keep Meditating

Be A Meditator- When meditation becomes music, it gives deep sense of inner peace

   Meditation is like music, telling stories without saying a word. Music exerts a powerful influence on human beings. It can boost memory, build task endurance, lighten the mood, reduce anxiety and depression, improve response to pain, and help us to work more effectively. When meditation becomes music, it can lead to a deep sense of inner peace.                                                                                                                                                                Keep Meditating

Be A Meditator- Meditative quotes jar

    Going over meditational quotes inspires us a lot. The little girl says, " I rummage through my meditative quotes jar every day to get going with my daily practice." That is a very good practice.                                                                                                     Keep Meditating

Be a Meditator- With consideration and care

 We all are humans and tend to make mistakes. It's quite natural. But many a time, some of us start blaming ourselves or others for the mishap. In extreme cases, we tend to deprive ourselves and others of beautiful things the universe has bestowed upon us.    But meditation can help us in overcoming the guilt and in recognizing the uniqueness, wonder, and beauty of our own being. It enables us to treat ourselves, others, and nature with consideration and care.                                                                          Keep Meditating