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Sit till the intended time - Be a Meditator

Do not open your eyes or get up from your seat before the appointed time. Let the mind obey you. Sit for the allotted time even if you feel restless. Don’t stop meditating on account of restlessness or sleepiness.

Sit Comfortably, Close your eyes, Observe your breath ... says the Kitten

Meditation is very simple. 1. Sit comfortably.   2. Close your eyes.  3. Observe your breath.  ~Saurabh

What is the Experience of Self in Meditation?

In Meditation, our goal is to have a direct experience of the self, and every meditator experiences it in a slightly different way. Wisdom lies in respecting all experiences as a part of ALL THAT IS, which is best described as indescribable.

Mugu the Meditator - From Fear to Compassion

Hello Friends, Mugu is a character in an upcoming issue of Be a Meditator magazine. He is meant for children though Adults are welcome to peer into his life. His best friend is a Bird called Koel. Mugu and Koel often adventure together. Now, I want to ask for feedback about this character. If you have kids, please show this strip to them and let me know what they think. I want to know if they relate to Mugu emotionally. If not, also it is fine. This is Mugu's debut strip. Here is wishing him all the best. Go forth and adventure into the world.

Meditator Cat - You did not meditate today?

This one is meant to be on the lighter side. In the beginning, we all face this situation :), its Okay, do a little bit at a time. Like 5 minutes a day for 40 days and then start another 40 day cycle. By the time you have done 2-3 cycles, you will organically go deeper into your practice. Or at least that has been my experience.

Life - Life Deepens our Meditation Practice

Life provides the trials and challenges needed to deepen our Meditation practice and make it more genuine. Life is the acid test that shows us whether we are being true to our Meditation or just fooling around. Life evaluates our performance by giving us test after test. If our meditation doesn’t help us cope with everyday conflicts and struggles, this only means that the Meditation we have been doing is shallow, and therefore of little use. If our day-to-day emotional reactions do not become clearer and easier to manage, then it means that we have been just wasting our time.                                            -Art and Science of Meditation