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Be Fearless

Metta Meditation

The minutes immediately after meditation are the most important moments of meditation because our thoughts can be at a higher vibration. In this time, we can set intentions. Metta or loving-kindness is a beautiful practice of sending good thoughts to other people. It is a very good way to end a meditation session, provided one's own mind has become peaceful.  Some words that were used by the venerable teacher S.N. Goenkaji were "may all beings be happy, may all beings be peaceful."

Feel Awesome ... become a breath nut

Understand, Repeat, and Apply Meditation

   One form of meditation is to observe your breath. "Ana-Pana-Sati" Lot of people practice this form of meditation, yet they don't feel calm. They easily get perturbed by the ups and downs of life.  Understanding meditation could mean knowing well what leads you forward and what holds you back. keep dwelling over it again and again. Use this knowledge for reaching out the path that leads to equanimity (calmness and composure especially in a difficult situation)

Meditation is like Hanging

We all come with Baggages


Compassion arises naturally when we being to meditate. 

Children are great imitators

The breath is Magic

Don't forget the playdate with your breath

Meditate To Overcome Fear and Condemnation

 Everyone thinks, that what I am saying is right, " I have well reasoned it out. It is based on facts and figures." But then why do some people differ from us? Sometimes this difference of opinion leads to heated arguments. In extreme cases leads to riots and arsenal. Also, some people live in perpetual fear. Fear is an emotion that generates from within. We have to learn to manage it.     We can overcome fear and condemnation by meditating regularly

For the more radically inclined ...

Difficult looking things are easier than we imagine

Celebrate your awesomeness

Bloom from within

My Breath makes my heart Giggle

A little more Compassion

Consideration and Care for Ourselves and Others

 We are all humans and tend to make mistakes. But sometimes, some of us start blaming ourselves or others for the mishaps. Even deprive ourselves and others of beautiful things the universe has bestowed upon us.   Meditation helps in recognizing the uniqueness, wonder, and beauty of our own being. It enables us to treat ourselves, others, and nature with consideration and care.

Lose your mind as you learn to be

Be the Rainbow

It is important to meditate

Lets all fly, high above the sky

Friends invite friends into their own path. If we are surrounded by people who applying the insights gained in meditation in their day-to-day life and relationships, then life is bound to become deeper and more meaningful for all of us.  

The more we gain knowledge, the happier we become

A tribute to all meditation teachers

A tribute to all meditation teachers. #meditation #beameditator

Everything we give with love comes back in abundance

 When we water plants, they turn into trees. These trees attract clouds, there is rain. A bucket full of water comes back in the form of rain. Sow a seed it comes back in the form of tons of grain. when a farmer cares for plants it grows, similarly, anything we give with love comes back in abundance. Meditation teaches loving and caring.

The breath will bring you in the now moment

Lets take out some time to watch our breath for a while

Be a kid again

When your mood is fluctuating, turn towards your breath