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Be A Meditator- Meditate to be free of attachments

        Attachment-- attachment is a feeling that binds one to a person, thing, causes, ideal, or the like. It is a state of being attached. Most of our troubles stem from attachment to things that we mistakenly see as permanent. Meditate to become a natural observer ( Sakshi bhava) of our own life. Detach ourselves from worries and let whatever happens to happen.                                                                                                                                                                      Keep Meditating

Be A Meditator- Meditation gives direction to mind

                                                Do external things distract you?   The mind can go in thousand directions, but there is a need to stop letting yourself being pulled in all directions. Meditation gives direction to the mind. The mind will invariably find a direction to chase.                                                               Keep meditating

Be A meditator- Meditate to speak for valid reasons with empathy

    Some people avoid speaking up for many reasons like we don't want to be wrong, we don't want to be embarrassed or spoil relationships. There is an old saying that "speech is silver and silence is gold".  However, several times we have to speak. But whenever we speak, all of us want to speak effectively and empathetically.   Meditation can help us in speaking reasonably, convincingly, and empathetically.                                                                                                         Keep Meditating