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We could be mindful anywhere

We can be mindful doing anything anywhere. Imagine that life is a cafe and each experience is an item on the menu. If we read carefully, we will pick wisely. Pick wisely. Be in awareness through all your experiences. Be a Meditator. 

I feel cosy with my breath :)

Make the time for meditation

Well most of them anyways :) ...

Listening too can be a meditation. If there are sounds around you when you meditate, become a witness to them as well. And instead of distracting you, they will aid in your meditation. 

Cuddle time with your breath

And you can learn that from us :). Look here:  

A Single Meditator

There is no age to start meditation ... just do it!

Jump into meditation

    Meditate with us 

A Meditator without meditation is like a fish out of water

Be sure to go deeper and deeper into the ocean of consciousness ... meditate daily. If you need help, meditate with us at 6:00 am daily :) 

It is time to get a new perspective ...

Begin your meditation journey, join us in our collective journey, help others on their meditation journey. Let the perspectives begin :) 

Meditation brings balance

Meditation brings balance into our thinking and thereby into our lives. Have you started your meditation journey? If not, message us, we will help you get started.

Lets drink the elixir of life that is always within, let us meditate

Meditation Is The Art

Happy Meditation Monday :)

Or just meditate every day :). 

My granny reads this favorite book to me everyday

When adults spend quality time with children, it makes them feel loved and secure. How about giving the gift of meditation to your children by meditating with them every day? 

Listen to your breath instead :)

Inspired by: 

We need to master meditation in this lifetime

Meditation is a worthy skill in which one can invest. It can take a lifetime, but the returns are exponential. Start your journey with us. Learn to meditate . 

Learn to Meditate

Meditation is simple. There are 4 steps:  1. Sit comfortably. 2. Bring your hands and feet together. 3. Close your eyes. 4. Observe your breath by being aware of the air that passes through your nostrils.*   You can also watch this 5-minute video for a more detailed description.  If you have questions, feel free to contact us . If you already know how to meditate and would like to join us at 6:00 am India time daily, look here . *Note: This technique of meditation is called Ana Pana Sati or Breath Awareness Meditation. There are many more techniques but this one is the simplest known to us.

Meditate with us! 6:00 am India time daily

Group meditation at a regular time with other committed meditators can support newbies in building their practice. If you would like to meditate with us at 6:00 am India time, please contact   Saurabh @ +919945131095       Geeti @ +919830226429  How this works:  1. How to Meditate :  If you need help learning to meditate, we will help you learn. You can also find detailed instructions here --- Learn to Meditate 2. 4-day Trial:  Then we meditate together for 4 days as 6:00 am IST. This is a trial period for you to see if this arrangement works for you. 3. Group Meditation:  Then you join our WhatsApp group and meditate daily. Each month you get to decide if you wish to continue.

What is your favorite energy booster ...

You are breathing anyway :), might as well add consciousness to it

And if you have not started, learn meditation with us ... leave a comment or send a message. 

There is a lot of consciousness out there ...

Our breath never sleeps

Your breath will help you release many negative emotions

Meditation can be sexy too ...

Want to have a dialogue with all of creation

Meditation ushers in many gifts in our lives

Patience is key ...

What is your anchor?

It is time to practice some greatness ...

Meditation is a good way :) ... but even silence is good

Our breath teaches us to be compassionate with all our animal friends