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Beginner's Worksheet - 40 days

This is exactly the worksheet I used ( I think in 2013) to get into a regular habit of meditation. I wrote down entries in a notebook with a small square at the beginning. And each day as I completed my meditation, I checked off a box. I think I may have missed a day or so, but in those cases also, I sat down for a little time at least, like a few seconds to a minute and that got me a check. The sense of accomplishment at the end of 40 days helped me take on another 40 days and so on gradually I built up my habit which I have maintained for 3 years now. And here is another one that I used recently (for something else). This one is pocket-sized, so it can even fit inside a wallet. Finish one set of 30 days, and then start another one. Before you know it, you will have created the habit you will need for a lifetime's practice.

Ever noticed ... no two breaths are the same ...

This made me think ...

As the breath enters, observe

As the breath enters, observe, when it ends the flow inwards, witness, as it rests inside, rest, if it stirs again , become aware, as it turns to leave,   be attentive, and as it ends the  exhale, notice.                                                                           ~Bam Photo:  http:// www.public -domain- /full-image/nature-landscapes-public-domain-images-pictures/beaches-public-domain-images-pictures/see-wave-reach- beach.jpg.html