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Meditational insight should be integrated into our day-to-day life

  While meditating various insights are gained. Like life will be peaceful if we coordinate and cooperate, trust, take care of babies and old people, love everyone, and love ourselves. If we do not incorporate these meditational insights in our day-to-day life. They will be like lost treasures. Meditation will help in incorporating these insights into our daily life                                                                Keep Meditating

My Awesomeness touches the Sky whilst I sit down to Meditate

 Meditational experiences are great and unique to everyone. One side we are with mother earth and another side we can reach the sky.                                                           Keep Meditating

Meditate in a Group to Maintain a Continuous Practice

        Meditating in groups, particularly for beginners, can help in maintaining a continuous practice.    In the present day scenario of corona lockdown, we can try group conferencing for meditation.                                                            Keep Meditating                                        

I Love Playing with My breath

 Observing a breath can be like playing with a breath. Keep meditating regularly.

Abraham Lincoln was an intrinsic, incorruptible Haman

 Abraham Lincoln was the 16 President of the USA in Nov 1860. He was a man of profound feelings, just with firm principles and incorruptible integrity. Meditation can help us to become firm and incorruptible human.                                                         Keep Meditating

Doing your Duty without Expectation is Meditation

  If someone is not sitting in a lotus position and not observing his breath. Is he not doing anything? Say someone spends time doing something which is his present. Like when a mother takes care of her children. She is doing it as it is the requirement of the moment. She is not thinking about what she will get in return. So, doing your duty without expectation is meditation. However, when this duty is accompanied with meditation, there is no stress, frustration or depression.                                                             Keep meditating.

Happy is the Life of a Guy at Peace

 A person who is at peace with himself is happy all the time. Happy he stands, Happy he sits, Happy he eats, Happy he sleeps, Happy he comes and goes, Happy he speaks.  Meditate to be at peace with yourself.                                                            Keep Meditating 

When no Answer Satisfy you, Its Time to Meditate

 Sometimes when we are standing at the crossroad of life. There would be many options out of which we have to choose one. there would be all kinds of people, with different kinds of experiences, giving out all kinds of solutions. When no answer satisfies you. It is time to introspect and meditate.                                                        Keep Meditating

Don't Just do Something-Sit There!

  "Don't just do something-sit there" Interesting! We generally say ' don't just sit there do something'  Here the statement is made with a different perspective. That is whenever we are doing something we should be fully focused. Just be with your work, wholeheartedly, body and soul. To achieve this meditate before starting your work.                                                                Keep Meditating

Do not Delay the Practice of Meditation

 Revered saint  Milarepa says, there would always be something or other going on in this world.  However, world affairs are trivial. There is nothing in social science or history that is beyond the intellectual capacity of mankind. So, do not postpone the practice of meditation due to world affairs.                                                                     Keep Meditating

In Deeper Levels of Meditation, Answers are Received

  There are moments in our life when we start asking ourselves that, why have I come to this world? Why am I born in this family? Why am I stuck with tough people? there are no immediate answers to these questions. One answer could be, we have yet to learn some lessons. However, in deeper levels of meditation, answers are received to our various life questions.                                                                       Keep Meditating

Meditation will Eliminate Violence from the World

 Sometimes we see a sudden spurt of violence around us. This violence may be due to the inner state of people. The inner state could be a desire to have more money or a tall ego that people must listen to me. Also dissatisfaction, high expectations, low esteem. Revered Saint Dalai Lama says if every 8-year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.                                                                     K eep Meditating   

The Inspiration you Seek is Already Written Within you. Be Silent and Seek

Many a time we are seeking inspiration from everywhere. Reading scriptures, visiting religious places. these things give us knowledge, a mentor can guide us. But as revered Rumi says, the inspiration which we are seeking is already within us. Be silent and seek it.                                                                        keep Meditating

A Feeling of inter- Beingness is a by-Product of Meditation

 As we start meditating, after meditating every day for some time, a feeling of (inter-beingness) that I do exist, I have some importance. I am loved by people and I love myself, as I am. this feeling is a by-product of meditation.                                                            Keep Meditating

Meditation can help you not to let Molehill become a Mountain

 Sometimes, on a particular day, small things start irritating us, by the end of the day, we can end up being totally wacky, mainly because we have made a mountain out of a molehill. Meditation can help us keep such situations from being blown out of proportion.                                                             Keep Meditation 

Meditation Teaches us to act Calmly in a Bad Situation or with a Difficult Individual

 Why do some people react violently to a situation? People react to a situation according to their inner state. We may not come to know what might be going on with them. we should act calmly with them. There may be another situation when we are in a  tough situation. We might get overpowered with the feeling that this is the end. Nothing can change this situation. Again we need to act calmly. Meditation teaches us to act calmly in a bad situation or with a difficult individual.                                                               Keep Meditating

Do you Wish to be Mindful

 You have to make a choice, whether you want to be aware, that is being mindful or have our mind full of positive and negative thoughts. Meditate to be mindful.                                                             Keep meditating

What kind of Music should we Play during Meditation

 Some people meditate without music. But if you like to play music during meditation. do make sure to choose calm, repetitive and gentle tunes so that the music doesn't distract you from your meditation.                                                        Keep Meditating

Seeds of Meditation sown in our Early Years

 Many times we hear people saying, that they want to meditate but, just can't get started. There is another set of people, who would say that they tried but couldn't continue. As an adult people start analyzing meditation's effects. But a child's mind is like a clean slate. So, if seeds of meditation are sown in their early years. it will serve us until the end of our lives.                                                         Keep Meditating

In Meditation Observe that Part which you Want to Change

  There is a part of us that wishes to change the way things are. When this part becomes active during meditation, it gains power if we wish to change things. If instead we simply observe it and return to our intention to be one with our breath, we can end the cycle of action faster. Awareness itself is enough to transform whatever image comes up. The thing to do it to increase awareness.  Awareness is like the fire under the cooking pot. If the soup is not cooking fast enough, we have to increase the flame (awareness). Stirring the pot is not going to make it cook faster. Be dedicated to awareness. It is the key.  Keep Meditating