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Our Book has been released

our book is here: 

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Praise for Medi-Buddies:

"Medi-Buddies is an illustrated book for kids aged four to eight, probably the first every meditation book for tiny tots written by an Indian writer. It is a delightful hardcover, bursting with colors and eye-catching illustrations for little Buddhas. Narrated in a verse format, Medi-Buddies is meant to take your younglings through the whole process of meditation in a step-by-step approach. It starts with different sitting postures, covers the proper way of breathing and tells you how long to meditate. Various animals and characters to make an appearance throughout the process, bringing in an expansive visual treat for children. Be a Meditator initiative (the publisher) is backed by renowned names in the field of spiritual wellness. Pyramid Valley Founder Brahmarshi Subhash Patri and renowned PLR exponents Dr. Newton Kondaveti and Dr. Lakshmi GV. The book is a step towards sowing the seeds of spiritual wellness in tiny hearts and laying the foundation stone for a well-rounded holistic life. Kudos to the whole team!" - Life Positive Magazine 

"My 14 yr old too got so attracted to the book due to the catchy colors and cute pictures......... And in the process read the two lines written on each page, which made the concept of meditation so lucid and clear to her....... Your book did what I couldn't do in the past 2 yrs......... THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR PRECIOUS BOOK WITH US" - Namita 

"Loved it! We will definitely use it in our kid's workshop and recommend it in our circle of teachers and parents" - Hitesh, Spiritual teacher

"It is really good. I really liked it. And it was not too long. And I liked it for that reason also. The pictures were great" - Raghav, 9 

And a happy medi-buddy who learned meditation from her father :) 


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