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Today,I am thankful


The Goal of Meditation

Meditation is connecting with your Inner self

What is inner self?  In simple words. knowing your inner strengths and weakness is inner self. However, if you are searching for happiness, tranquility, peace, loving and understanding life. In actual fact, you are searching for your inner self.  Why do I need to connect to the inner self? Have you heard of fish rain? It usually occurs when swirling whirlwind over shallow water develops. It carries marine life to long distance. The fish swimming in shallow water get washed away. But the fish which stay deep inside the sea are not affected by extreme conditions. Similarly, a person who is connected with his inner self is not affected by the outer world. meditate to connect with your inner self.                                                         Keep Meditating

Meditation Melts Down Into Love


What activates a fountain of peace within us?

If You Want To Find God ...

Meditate and remain steady like a tree

  During my morning walks, I saw an amazing change in a tree in just a fortnight. Three pictures were taken. On 10 May tree was totally barren. It looked as though everything was lost. However, just in a week's time 16 May red, tiny, soft leaves started appearing. A sign of hope. Another ten days 25 May tree was full of green leaves. The tree had arrived.  Now the question is when there was no leaf on the tree, did the tree stop absorbing water and nutrients from earth to send it to the tip of the tree? No, it doesn't. In the same we, we should not lose hope and continue with our Karma. Meditation will help us in arriving. Favorable times will reoccur                                                        Keep meditating

I Meditate With The Moon

When You Eat Mindfully

Meditation Fills Me In

Your Intent Should Be as pure as our breath - to manifest it

Meditation enhances positivity and liberates you from negativity

Meditation enhances different skills

 Did you ever get a feeling, " I wish I could do better, I wish I knew more." Sometimes, there is a craving to learn more, a desire of seeking unknown, grow more in your field. Is there a limit to what extent we can do better? There is always a scope to enhance your abilities. Of course for such situations our guiding force is meditation. Meditation enhances our ability of loving, learning, improving, growing, seeking and arriving.                                              Keep Meditating

We should introduce meditation to every one ...

Icicles on the way


Nature sends us

Eat Mindfully

A Meditator gives out positive vibrations under every situation

  Is it possible to give out positive vibrations under every situation? Easy said than done. When someone hurts us or they don't listen to us. Then how do I manage such situations and remain positive too? Meditation transforms negative vibrations into positive vibrations. Over the years of meditation, it becomes our second nature to give out positive vibrations. But before that, we can continue meditating.                                                                Keep meditating. 

Everybody Is Born A Star

I don't know ...

Breath is healthier 

Meditate to realise

I feel so upbeat

Shine Like The Moon