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Happy Meditating New Year

Sunday is a good day to become conscious of our breath ...

So is every other day ... :) 

Are you a soul?

How can we know? Meditation is one of the paths to unravel the mysteries of all of creation, including ourselves. 

Have a mindful day

Include compassion in your meditation

Include compassion for all beings in your life, and also compassion for yourself if you feel you have not made enough progress. Some things take time. Keep up your Sadhana 

Our body has an innate wisdom, we can connect with it through meditation

Can you hear it?

What we want to do on Saturday nights :)

Just remain a witness

Breath Conquers all - Video

When we began, this process used to take 4-6 hours ... having made more than a 1000 infographics, Geeti is usually able to do this in under an hour. We reduced the video footage to about a minute. Enjoy! :

Meditation enhances creativity

In his book, 'You Forever', Lobsang Rampa wrote that great artists are constantly in touch with their higher selves or ourselves. Meditation sensitizes us to these perceptions and thereby enhances our creativity. "Very highly intelligent men who get “inspiration” often obtain a message directly-consciously-from the Overself by way of the Silver Cord. Leonardo da Vinci was one of those who was constantly in touch with his Overself, and so he rated as a genius in almost everything that he did. Great artists or great musicians are those in touch with their Overself on perhaps one or two particular “lines,” and so they bask and compose “by inspiration” music or paintings which have been more or less dictated to them by the Greater Powers which control us." 

Lets do this ...

Live food and meditation for a better life

Accept this moment as it is

I am feeling ready to jump ...

Learn to love and be loved ...

Meditation advances knowledge

  Meditation advances knowledge. Sometimes when we are solving a problem, after a few attempts we realize that every time we are tracing the same route and stop at the same point. But when we sit with our eyes closed and observe our breath a new light flashes through our mind, and a new path appears, which may lead to new discoveries, and advances in knowledge.                                                                    Keep Meditating

Buddha Dhamma Sangha

Buddha -  honor wisdom, seek wisdom, either through real Buddhas or through other means such as meditation, books and all that is at our disposal. Dhamma -  Apply your learnings in real life. The true measure of spirituality according to my mentor Vatsala is - how aligned are what you know and what you do. We must endeavor to align our actions with our deepest understanding of life and spirituality. Sangha - Keep the company of people who will strengthen your dhamma, not distract you from it. Such people are gifts from above. 

How do I restart my practice?

Joining a group of like-minded, sincere meditators who are sincerely trying to deepen their practice and uplift their lives has a positive impact on us. Sometimes, having the right companionship is the most important step in our own practice. 

After a few years, there is no going back

This is so true. Your thoughts can grow both flowers and weeds.

And we become aware of them by developing a meditative mind ...

Expect Happiness

 As children whenever we prayed, we said, Oh God give me knowledge, wisdom to perform my duties. But now after so many years, I noticed, everyone is talking about happiness, being happy, I want happiness in my life, so, on. What is this happiness? A little baby is very happy when he sees his mother. A little girl runs behind a butterfly to catch it and let go. So, maybe happiness is an outcome of achievements, whether small or big. It is also a feeling when we let go off sad things and accept only beautiful things.                                   Expect happiness. Meditate to achieve happiness

Meditating mammas

When we meditate, we benefit others

When we strengthen our meditation practice, it benefits everyone around us.