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Children whose schools have meditation are truly blessed

Something Beautiful Is Awaiting Us

When we start meditating with a purpose, like, be free of Anxiety, Anger, depression, shame or for achieving rewards, love, improving the relationship. We are overpowered by the feeling of achieving our aim. If we do not see results quickly, we get impatient and start getting distracted from meditation.  When we meditate, we have to build a solid and constant feeling that something beautiful is waiting for us. It will come as and when we become eligible for it. When you continue to meditate with such a feeling, your meditation becomes stronger each day. fountain of love and peace automatically flows.

Let your Breath be an Umbrella on a rainy day

Courage does not always Roar

Gotta do it everyday

Cannot underestimate the value of daily practice. Make it as common as taking your dog out for a walk. 

Your meditative quotes Jar

Magic is waiting to Happen, simply meditate.

Scoops of Meditation makes me a clever girl

Lets Meditate for Peace on Earth

Happiness Lies Within

 Where is happiness ? We keep looking for it, in worldly pleasures, going for adventure trips, eating in luxurious restaurants. Keeping company of people who can make us laugh, watch stage play, dance, movie or musical recitals. But when we return home, all these things are left behind.  The happiness which we are seeking lies in the form the way we think, Making full use of power and talents we posses . Doing good to others, share, smile. These qualities will always remain with us, as we have chosen to have them. So to say-  True happiness lies within us. It doesn't come from outside.

You gotta nourish to flourish

BeAMeditator_ AllWorkAndNoMeditation

finding myself: my journey into meditation

Finding Gauri: my journey into meditation When I look at how my life has unfolded in the last one year, I find it hard to believe that I am the same Gauri who the doctor could not believe was even standing on her own two feet in early 2017. I had been diagnosed with severe type 2 Diabetes and my sugar levels were touching 400 (the normal is 120). I felt undervalued in my personal and professional life and had developed what seemed like a permanent rash under my eyebrow that crushed my girlhood dream to be a model for a cosmetics brand. It was then that I decided that I cannot let myself die this way. I have to find a way out and started searching for answers. My search led to a conversation about Past Life Regression. On finding out more, I discovered a Past Life Regression practitioner who became my mentor and guided me through my time of crisis. The first thing I realized was that my current reality was heavily influenced by the many many decisions I had taken in the distant

Say Yes to New Adventures

I Believe in Meditation

Meditation has taught me to search inside

Meditation is giving love to our soul

Meditation is also an act of self love. When do we love ourselves? When we are satisfied with ourselves. Many of us will not love ourselves until we lose weight or get a job or get a raise, or boy/girl friend we wish to have.  We often put conditions on our love. But meditation can change us. We can love ourselves as we are right now. We are the power we had been seeking.

Meditation knows no Restrictions

Deep breaths are like love notes

In the Cookie called Life, our breath is like choco-chips

Wherever you are, connect with your breath

Focusing on Solutions

The Present Moment

  All the time we talk --' if we focus, we will perform better'. The best way to focus is to operate with the realisation that the present moment is all we have. If we take the present moment, we sail to the future. If we leave it. It becomes a missed opportunity. Meditation helps us to remain in present moment.

Picking Blooms

Find Yourself Again

Wanna Live Like A Robot

My breath fills me with awareness