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Some studies have found that meditation boosts our immune system.

Go here to read more -- So why not do it regularly :)? 

Meditate to Calm and Relax your Mind

 Can I break away from the routine pattern and create something totally different? It is the deepest yearning of every human soul to create something new. Also, it is said that doing something creative boosts an instantaneous positivity. Maybe there were only certain moments when I could create beautifully. When I pondered over it, I found that I could do it when my mind was relaxed.  When our mind is calm and relaxed creativity wells up from within. Meditate to relax your mind.                                               Keep Meditating 


Meditate to merge your inner ray of light into the light of lights

I Feel Over The Moon

Meditation Fulfills The Need

Meditation chops off

Who deserves your love and affection?

Meditate to open a channel to the reservoir of all energy and infinite wisdom

I wish I could work for hours and hours and not get tired. I wish my judgments were always right. Easy to wish than to achieve. I went through so many books on how to be successful or more effective in my dealings. I heard and watched a lot of lectures. All that knowledge is stored in mind or pasted on my frig door as reminders. But it seems there is something more than reading and listening to lectures.  What is it? It is wisdom over knowledge. Wisdom is seeing through things and taking the right path. Wisdom comes from living experience. Wisdom lingers. Is there something that can help in increasing energy and enhance my wisdom? Meditation opens a channel to the reservoir of all energy and infinite wisdom.                                                        Keep Meditating

Allow the source to drop messages into your intuitive mind

Whether You Progress Fast or slow

The Cosmic Energy pours down into us in meditation ...

The Simple Practice Of Meditation

Sink Into Your Breath

Meditate to attain blissfulness

 So many times we crave to just sit with eyes closed and nothing in mind. but the waves of thoughts keep coming. For a few seconds, there is nothing, then again something crops up. How can we quickly reach a state of blissfulness? What is blissfulness? The absence of sorrow is not bliss. Bliss is to rise above our environmental effects and stress associated with it. Out of bliss comes magic, wonderment, and creativity.  Meditation can help us to attain blissfulness.                                              Keep Meditating

We play with our breath every day

In Meditation We Only Need

love and compassion are necessities not luxuries :)

Meditation Has Become A Great Tool

We Turn Five Today

We learned a lot ... in these 5 years Another year of dedication has resulted in this day. On this day, 5 years ago, I created the first infographic . What an amazing journey it has been. Using only creativity and the amazing infrastructure the world has already created, we have been able to stand on our own feet. We have given life to 1406 beautiful thoughts on meditation, made the world a little more beautiful and meditated with many more friends from around the planet. Her is to many more to come. Saurabh 

PositiveThoughts In Meditation

Meditational Terminology

 Like any other subject, meditation too has its terminology. I  will infograph and write terminology used for Chakras. The Terminology of Chakras There are seven chakras in our body. After reading this sentence, the first thought that crosses our mind is, What are these chakras? Where are they? In our body, we can see the heart, lungs, liver, kidney, stomach, intestine, etc. But we can not see physically these chakras. They are something like sound, electricity, radiowaves or microwaves. We can not see these radiations, but we can see its effect when switched on.  Similarly, chakras are the centers of energy, which draw and emit energy from the universe. All the chakras have different frequencies. When awakened they show respective effects. Seven Chakras from bottom to the top of our body are --Muladhara,  Swadhisthana, Manipura, Anahata, Vishuddha, Ajana, and topmost Sahasrara. Meditation helps in awakening these Chakras.                                                    

Let Us All Swim

Just Like The Moon

Meditation Is An Art

Meditation Makes The Impossible Possible

My Inner Child

Transcend All Negativity

Meditate to strengthen positivity and let the weakness to wither

 Sometimes we hear remarks like " My life is my life, I can think whatever I want." Yes, everyone is free to think about whatever he/she wants. Then my question is why the same boss reacts differently with different people? What makes them different? I suppose it is the thought process going on in everyone's mind.  We generally talk about two types of thoughts. Positive thoughts and negative thoughts. Negative thoughts and emotions can distort our perspective and damage self-esteem. Whereas positive thoughts make us think that we can get through anything. Positivity symbolizes joy, interest, contentment, and love. Joy- sparks the urge to play. Interest sparks the urge to integrate, love sparks safe and close relationship. Then what do we do? Meditate to fill your heart with positivity.                                                   keep Meditating