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My Survival Technique

Breathing in, we send love to ourselves

Silence is not empty

Breathing out my past

Meditation is like being in Love

And also inwards :) 

A Moment Of Peace

Every morning when we start our day. Scores of things cross our minds. Today I have to do this, this, this. Then comes a wave saying, I will do everything at my pace. This momentary thought brings peace. Then the whole day is spent in blissfulness. All the intended works are done, with no stress.                         A moment of peace throws you into the ocean of happiness.

Time Spent In Flow State Is Meditation

 Can there be any other state of meditation than Lotus position, with the thumb touching the tip of the index finger to form a circle and remaining fingers stretched out firmly?  Think of a situation when a person takes a jump from a cliff. He is beyond a thought of breaking his bones. Similarly, when an individual is walking on a rope, he is above his fear of falling. For a rafter, the foremost thought is to go with the stream. Time spent in the flow state, without fear of outcome is Meditation.

The answers come when the mind is still

When My Thoughts Spill Over, I Meditate

Playing with our Breath is as essential sunshine

A range of experiences are gained in every bout of meditation

Meditation is all about noticing our thoughts

Meditation is as sweet as a doughnut

The Most Important Moment

Did you ever hear a trapeze artist saying 'Now'. no, but when they are in action,  now is the most important time. It's now or never. The most important person is the person who left the trapeze to be caught by the other artist.  We seldom experience regret for anything that we have done. It is generally what we haven't done (missed opportunity) that torments us. So let's 'live' in the present moment wisely and earnestly.

Sunday's Checklist

Couples who meditate together, grow together :)

How about a deep breath right now?

What is your wish for you?

Who are you waiting for?

Meditation Gives Direction To Mind

                                              Do external things distract you?   The mind can go in thousand directions, but there is a need to stop letting yourself being pulled in all directions. Meditation gives direction to the mind. The mind will invariably find a direction to chase.   Keep meditating effectively.  

Our body is a garden, and our breath is its gardener

Whatever you choose to do, do it with all your heart

Meditation teaches us to observe the fluctuations

Let us give ourselves permission to love ourselves

I decide my vibe once I tune into my breath

Breath knows no Distinction

We all smile the same language

Speak For Valid Reasons

Some people avoid speaking up due to many reasons like we don't want to be wrong, we don't want to be embarrassed or spoil relationship. There is an old saying that "speech is silver and silence is gold".  However, a number of times we have to speak so that we are not ignored or taken for granted. Can we overcome this hesitation?  Meditation helps us in speaking reasonably and convincingly. Meditate effectively.

Start Imagining The Best

Books vs Meditation