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As flexible as a rafter in the waters of the sea

How long do you wish to be punched?

Meditation is a journey from aahhhh ... to yeahhhh ...!!!

From a Zero to a Hero

Every cell in my body rejoices with Meditation

Follow In Parents Footsteps

 Ancient times there were no training institutes or professional colleges. Children learnt skills just by observing parents. Habits, attitude, speech etc , children learnt unknowingly. That is how the proverb, " Following in father's footsteps" was evolved.  Child of a meditating parents says " I will follow in your footsteps" . Meditate to create a meditating atmosphere for children.

Your Breath keeps you afloat

 Wish you all a Merry Christmas :) 

My Breath is my passport


Right Breathing, Right Diet, Right Wisdom

Meditation is a permanent make-over

It's time to serve

The State Of Meditation

  When will our actions have full impact? Only when we are convinced that we aught to do it, the action will have full impact. and desire will dissolve.  This is popularly known as that we have come in the state of meditation

My breath is my world

My breath doesn't care whether I am black or white

I only believe in spreading the message of love

Meditation takes us from dull howls to bright smiles

Walking a rope blindfolded is a great mindfulness practice

Every Round Of Meditation is a New Adventure

Regular meditation makes kids calm and confident

Meditation makes you look and feel younger

Lets get Organic

Gossip leads to energy Depletion

Our looking glasses become clearer with multiple doses of meditation

Just like a need a fork and a spoon

With every sip on my breath, I get slur-rrr-pier

I balance my breath like a Soccor Ball

WE stick to each other

Life becomes a picnic