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Bright as the sun when I meditate

Meditation boosts immunity in children

Meditation is a gift with many benefits. Give your kids an early start.

Yes I Agree

 When we close our eyes and start observing breath to meditate. intermittently various thoughts appear,  many a time argument and counter-argument starts within ourselves. the moment we become aware of it, we try to stop them. These thoughts come and go, we are not to get involved with them. So it is a good practice to say--                                                                                                      " Yes I agree with everything that comes up in my practice"                                                                                                                   

What happens on non-meditation days

How days go when we do not do our daily meditation

Take a moment, meditate a little bit before a meal.

A good way to introduce children to meditation is through games. Especially in the first seven years of their lives, children learn through imitation. If the adults are taking a minute to meditate, children will automatically start. Many families have a well-established practice of saying grace or thank you before taking a meal. Awareness can be included as part of this ritual as well. 

Your best friend is always with you :)

Your best friend is always with you :). Connect with your breath and teach kids to do it too.

Every child deserves the gift of meditation

Every child deserves the gift of meditation. Among all the healing practices, it is the simplest. It is not a cure all for everything, but it is a must-have skill for children today. 

“Courage and fearlessness are out pourings of your constant practice of life of awareness” - Dr. Newton Kondaveti


A Meditator Continues To Learn

After having attained higher degrees, Some people think that there is no need to learn anymore.  they have reached a barricade of no learning.  Meditation helps you to overcome this barricade and you continue to learn. There is no end to learning. Keep going

Just be in the moment

Mindfulness results in gratitude

Just like in other endeavours, meditation also requires motivation

The class monitor has a question :)?

Become one with any activity and you become meditative

Put all your heart into what you do, especially if it is meditation

Meditation Connects To Inner Understanding

When we act in the outer world with our inner understanding, then cycling becomes joy, gardening is being with nature, mopping is caring and conversation is love. Reading newspaper is gathering knowledge, singing or playing instrumental music is focusing. Meditation connects to our inner understanding.

Happy Krishna Janmashthami: Prayer is when you talk to god. Meditation is when God talks to your

Credit: Nitu Chhajer Art: To purchase this original canvas, please call Saurabh at  +919945131095

Be passionate

When we pursue the outer, the inner beckons us

Be silent and listen

How to create a shrine

Under the watchful eye of Piggy Tao

Piggy Tao is a wise and beautiful puppet. Parents use it (and other toys) to relate to children and teach them how to meditate. A puppet can be of great help in teaching and can make learning about meditation fun.  

Share stories about meditation with children

All parents say that their children love bed-time stories. If mindfulness can be made a theme in bed-time stories occasionally, children become more amenable to the idea of meditation.  

Being lost in the self is also meditation

Deep within the inner recesses of the being, resides the changeless part of us, the essence, the core, the soul. To be lost in its quest is meditation.  Art Credits: Nitu Chhajer's Art 

Life is happening in this moment

Enjoy it; Fill it with life and honest self-expression. 

Become the path

I think it means that your mind should become the meditation. Your day should become the meditation. Your action should become the meditation. 

Pioneers of Meditation - Brahmarshi Subhash Patri

“You may take any path”, said the advanced beings as Lobsang Rampa thought-through his options. He had been in an accident which had almost killed him and the thing that would bring him back was this choice -  Return to earth and complete his mission facing tremendous odds, or stay here, in the other realm where all was peaceful and safe. Like all pioneers before him and all pioneers after him, Lobsang Rampa took the road less traveled. It was this decision that led to the writing of 18 books on metaphysics which have helped millions of people on earth, including one spiritual adventurer, Brahmarshi Subhash Patri. Our story began in 1947. The ‘Dead Sea Scrolls’(biblical texts 800-1000 years older than the Holy Bible) had been unearthed from the Qumran Caves in Israel. ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’ - the memoirs of a 15-year old girl in second world-war Germany started the healing of millions of Holocaust survivors around the world, and India after centuries of subjugation

Feeling of emptiness and meditation

Once a large project or undertaking is over, it is natural to feel empty. It may be after a major goal has been accomplished, or a long journey or a sudden reduction in responsibilities on retirement or when a child leaves for college. In such times, it is natural to feel empty and we generally fill this emptiness by turning to food, television or other substitutes that do not serve us when consumed in excess. If one's meditation practice is strong enough, it is better to sit in meditation. The feeling of emptiness soon passes. Leaving us in the emotional space to pick up a more wholesome next step. Meditation is a long term investment in emotional stability. It takes many years, perhaps life times, but it is worth it. It is a very important skill for human beings. 

Like the Blades of a Samurai's Sword

Inspired by a quote from the book Shoe Dog by Nike Co-founder Phil Knight. 

Quiet The Outer World

"A number of times we start working on an important project. Then we start hearing noises around us in terms of real sound and also the resonating thoughts about various chores, arguments and counter arguments. We need to first quieten the outer world. To achieve that, sit and meditate till you feel the quiet around you. Soon the inner eyes will open and lead you"