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Recharge your brain with meditation

A Meditator respects everyone

 Envy, jealousy, doubt and hatred such negative emotions we often see in our daily life. When we come across a person who has done something wrong to us, we are tempted to pay him in same coins or just avoid him. If our ideas do not match we try to distance from that person. Such emotions take us away from the fundamentals of good relationship- love, care, share and happiness.  But a meditator is above all these emotions. He is not effected by the negative vibrations. he is nice to people, listens to them, share and help people. So to say-                                                     Meditator Respects everyone.

Meditation is a celebration of life

Making Mistakes Is Ok, let us meditate

Breath Work Out

Anything done with a deep sense of awareness heightens our performance.

Aarons thoughts are like hair

The Flight To Meditation

Meditation Gives A Soul To The Universe

                                      What is universe? How is it connected to us?  Maybe, we are the product of what the whole universe is doing, in the same way that a wave is product of what the whole ocean is doing. We see that waves are moving all the time. In the same way meditation gives  wings to  our mind, flight to our imagination and life to everything.

It is a gift

The Essence of Experiences gets Enhanced during Meditation

Meditational Experiences: Dazzling Lights


On this day, one of the most beloved teachers of meditation, Osho departed from his earthly body. May his life inspire us all to work towards celebrating life. "But it is only a potential - it has to be made actual." "And to make it actual, you need a certain methodology. Meditation is that methodology, the ultimate magic. It changes dust into gold; it transforms the lowers forms of energies into the highest forms of energyies. It is an alchemical transformation." Editor's note: This beautiful rendition of Osho was created by Ms. Meenal Patel. Our deepest gratitude to her for this amazing contribution. 

The Art of Silence

Every experience is a part of the Joyride in meditation

Meditation Runs In The Family

 Is it possible  for mother,daughter and grand daughter to meditate together? Finding more family time is a present day emergency. Family spending time meditating together is a great way of being together. it will create a comforting presence of peace, no stress, no arguments just togetherness. Editor -SaurabhJMadan -BeAMeditator Magzine

We Drink From a Cup of Awareness

Lets Graduate as Meditators

Meditation Fills Me

Titiksha - forbearance

Many times seekers ask - "When will things get better? I have been meditating for 2 years now and things only seem to be getting worse." Sometimes, we also expect to get enlightened within a few months. When it does not happen, we become disappointed and in some cases even give up on our practice. But in order to progress on any path, a seeker needs to develop certain qualities. Qualities that will help him weather the storms and keep going when progress seems bleak. Titiksha is one such quality. It is an invaluable gem for anyone on any path, but particularly for those who are journeying within.  Titiksha is forbearance  Titiksha, which also means forbearance or tolerance is a great treasure. It professes that we be patient in the process of meditation. Often during meditation we are tempted to look at our watch and see how much time is left. Titiksha asks us to resist the temptation to look at our watch. We may feel impatient because of the pain of past me

When there is a thin line between right or wrong

Meditation In The Right Doses can be a great sundowner

Meditation Channelises Energy

Revolution within is the enthusiasm within, which appears as sparkle in your eyes, the swing in your gait. The grip of your hand, the irresistible surge of will and energy to execute your ideas. Thoughts have energy and power. Meditation channelises this energy.

I am a Crazy Bookworm

I Am A Spiritual Scientist

Life is a never ending vacation

Lets create a better world

Meditation Boosts Team Spirit

FFF = 2B

 Anger a much talked about human emotion. If it is bottled up then it can consume our love, rationality and emotional and physical health. if we direct the heat of anger towards others, it destroys everything in the path-- friendships, work relationship, marriage and family.  Physiologically anger includes two stage jolt. First stage is the surge of Adrenaline which lasts for few minutes but energizes the body for immediate action. (fight or Flight)  Second surge of Catecholamines lasts longer, from few hours to days. This is what can be used by sports persons, mountaineers, divers, defence persons to convert their actions into great success. So long as we control the anger we feel and don't let it control us.

Lets Recycle ourselves