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One small step clears the mind ...

Oh little spark of consciousness ... thank you for being there ...

If it leads to misery, it was from ego ...

Everyday we will practice

Meditation and subtle bodies

 We have heard about aura around our body, also called the auric field. As we move outward from our physical body into the auric field. there are layers that vibrate slightly faster than the previous one. These energy layers are called Subtle Bodies. We can not see them like cosmic rays or radio waves. These subtle bodies connect us to the energy of the universe. Each one of us has our own specific vibrations. that is why we radiate different energy.  As we continue our sincere practice of meditation our awareness of subtle body increases.                                            Keep Meditating 

How about meditating today?

Take inspiration from Guru Nanak for meditation

On his 550th birth anniversary, let us take inspiration from Guru Nanak and become seekers of knowledge. 

Meditation is a purification

Based on a quote by BodiDhamma 

Be successful in the present moment

Give attention to the action itself

Let there Be Many Moments of Meditation

Breath is the Great Gateway for Understanding the essence of Soul

 Is it possible for one human being to understand another? Maybe yes. Maybe no. When we are able to look beyond the appearance of a person, we may understand the essence of his soul. The essence is like a drop of rose oil from a bucket full of roses. In general, there are seven types of soul essence King, warrior, sage, artisan, server, scholar and priest.  It is with the soul that we grasp the essence of another human being. Breath is the great gateway for understanding the essence of the soul.                                               Observe your breath. "Ana Pana Sati"

As we Meditate the strong thought loses its Power

Thank you Guru Nanak for inspiring us to learn ...

Photo credits: Raja Ravi Verma On this day, let us take inspiration from a very important guru - Guru Nanak. The followers of his teachings are called Skih. Sikh means to learn. And indeed it is one of the only traditions where reverence is paid to knowledge in the form of a book instead of a person. So let us all learn our lessons in this life as best as we can. Meditation will help :).

Meditation helps us understand the other side of life

 When someone takes undue advantage of us. People say ' pichchhale janam ka kuchchh lena dena hoga' There must be some dues from our past life.  For centuries people have been fascinated by after life and before life. We also wonder what happens to us after death. I suppose the body disintegrates into five ingredients. ' chhiti, jal, pavak, gagan, sameera' ( earth, water, fire, space, and air). Now, what is this part of us which goes to space? probably that is what is called soul? Meditation gives us a glimpse of death. It helps us understand what it is like on the other side.                                                        Keep Meditating

Concepts on Meditation - Dhyan and Samadhi

Celebration is the highest peak of meditation ...

Meditation can help alleviate loneliness

If you know your past exactly as it was you will not like to repeat it

Meditation increases your focus and attention

Be grateful for your meditation

Do not evaluate it. Simply continue it. 

Meditate to respond calmly to anger

What is the combined formula for action, reactions and emotions of life? It is said life is 10 percent of what happens to us and 90 percent of how we react to it. When we respond calmly to anger, we are living life at 90%. We might be able to see through, why that person is getting angry. We might be able to eliminate the root cause of anger and help him live a happier life.  Responding calmly to anger is a beautiful way to understand life. Meditate to respond calmly.                                                    keep Meditating

Meditation can enhance our happiness ...

What allows consciousness to flower into a tree ...

Thinking too much ...?