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Wish you a very happy Diwali

A very special thanks to Nitu Chajjer

Meditational Experiences: Sometimes we smell divine fragrances

Sometimes during meditation, we experience the scent of divine fragrances. These are all part of the Meditational experience. 

We need to go out of the normal patterns of the mind

Before we enter meditation, when we enter meditation, when we enter satori

"When a person lives in the world,  mountains are mountains, rives are rivers.  When a person moves into meditation, mountains are no more mountains, rivers are no more rivers.  But when a person has attained to satori, to samadhi,  again, rivers are rivers and mountains are mountains"                                                                     ~Osho

Answers come to a relaxed mind

Meditational Experiences: Sometimes we get cold shivers in Meditation

Meditational Experiences: Astral Projection and out of body experiences can happen during meditation.

The Joys of being in the moment ...

If you are seeking an experience, that spirituality is false

An honest life contributes to our meditation

"The goal is achieved not just by sincere meditation, but by also living a virtuous and selfless life in each moment " Dr Newton Kondaveti and Chitra Jha

Put your whole mind into the present action

A saint is one who has learned the secret to transform everything into heaven

A saint is one who has understood the secret of transforming everything (meditation) into heaven

Meditation is not an experience, rather it is the stopping of all experience

"Meditation is not an experience, rather it is the stopping of all experience." 

The mind gets identified with beautiful things, and so gets caught in ugly things

"The mind gets identified with beautiful things. And once you get caught in beautiful things, you also get caught in ugly things, because the mind needs duality to function" ~Osho

There are many emotional benefits of meditation

When angry, become keenly aware of the person who is angry

"When angry, become keenly aware of the person who is angry." 

Restlessness and joy do not co-exist. Pick joy. Be meditative with open eyes.

In the midst of chaos suddenly remember to remain undisturbed

Meditation is a Jump into the Unknown

Energy Movements in the body even when we are not meditating

"When we become adept at meditation, we may notice energy movements in our body,  even we are not meditating."  ~The Art and Science of Meditation 

Meditational Experiences: Some people hear Buzzing Sounds during meditation

This is Okay. These sounds are temporary experiences. 

Meditational Experiences: Some people see brilliant lights during meditation

All experiences are valid. All experiences are temporary. All experiences pass.