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The ungoverned mind is the creator of misery

Meditation and studies

"It is the mind that creates the body" -Arnold Schwarzenegger


Meditation helps children overcome all kinds of fears and phobia

Just Meditate

Meditation and balanced Brain activation

With enough practice, especially as extra sensory perceptions begin to arise (and pass away) in meditation, a child learns how to use their right brain better. Here is an example of using creative visualization to overcome an emotional challenge. 

Let yourself become that space that welcomes any experience without judgment.

Prayers are easily heard when meditation is done daily

Children who meditate overcome fears and phobias over time

Think long term get the 5-Year Energy

May our meditation benefit other's meditation

The Joy within can be accessed through the breath, it can then be shared with the world.

Nature is a good catalyst for meditation

Siblings do not fight as much if they have had sufficient meditation practice

*(results may vary  :P ) Siblings don't fight so much if both have had enough meditation practice and are better equipped to handle their emotions.

Meditation leads to compassion

We can all agree that compassion is needed in today's world. It takes time to learn to balance compassion with real world realities. A 10-20 year practice can enable a child to be able to be compassionate in a world that needs more of it.

Buddha Dhamma Sangha - Tips to building a strong practice

  Three factors contribute to a strong meditations practice. 1. Meditation and seeking spiritual wisdom. 2. Applying that wisdom in our day to day life. 3. Hanging out with like-minded people who are pursuing similar goals with sincerity. 

There is another more powerful means to achieve our goals

There is another more powerful means to achieve our goals. Over many years of practice, meditation becomes a driving force for tremendous good in our lives. Our decisions come from a karmically better place. The results are more wholesome. More beneficial to ourselves as well as for others. Our perspective becomes more long term. We are able to see the dots ahead of time instead of after the consequences have manifested. 

Once it becomes a habit, it keeps on giving dividends

Make meditation a joyful experience for children

Children learn best when learning is fun.  It is Okay to mix meditation with other fun activities.

And some more loving kindness meditation for children

Awareness of inner masculine and inner feminine energies increases as we meditate

                                                                                                                                      - Abstract painting by Nitu Chhajer "God has given wonderful gift of creation only to woman. ..but her creation has no meaning without deep intimate loving harmonious relationship with her Man....A flower cannot bloom if there is no love....and only love is make this creation,  symbol of their unconditional love. ..meditation helps both to the great it helps them to meet their own shadows. ...Once they meet with own reality and if they both start working on it....their creative part of intimate relationship become more and more stronger. ...and they create beautiful flower full of love..." 

Any place is a good place to meditate

Any place is a good place to meditate. 

Piku The Penguin finds his way home

A beautiful story for children to get familiar with the application of meditation in their day to day lives. Piku the Penguin.  This is our first foray into the world of animation for our Medi-buddies aged 4-8 years old.  

Meditation accelerates learning of all types of skills in children

Meditation takes us into the present moment.

Loving Kindness Meditation

Once our meditation session is over and we have reached a state of joy. Sharing the joy is beneficial to us and to others. Loving Kindness is a very good practice for the same. You can read more about it here: 

What answers do you seek today?

Sometimes a little bit of emotional release helps children calm down and be ready to meditate

Teach Children Meditation with a fun game - belly as a balloon.

When we start to teach children about meditation, we can help them become familiar with the process of observing their breath using games. Here is a simple game, in which we let children think of their belly as a balloon. While their mind is involved in the game, they actually end up learning to become conscious of their breath.  Of Course in Ana Pana Sati or Breath-awareness meditation, we allow the breath to flow without any manipulation such as emptying out our belly. But it is okay to use this game as an illustration. 

Deep Gratitude brings us back to the present moment

Gratitude brings us back into the present moment. 

Meditation is a good tool for long term solutions

Can children benefit from meditation during exam time.

The Art of Living foundation conducted a survey of 30 students which shows good results. As each child is different, a unique path must be found for each child. However, meditation is definitely one of the things you can try. You can read the Art of Living Article here . 

Loving Kindness for children

Walking meditation.

Walking meditation has been taught and popularized by Thich Nhat Hanh. You can read more about it here.   Try it with your teenager. 

Happy International Women's Day

" As I meditate I adore the woman in me ....I feel safe and secured and protected....I feel happy loved as I meditate more and more....the word woman itself has word  man....I respect both the masculine and feminine in me....yessss I am Safe...and secured as I love more and more the word man in WO-MAN ... " - Nitu Chhajer  Artist: Nitu Chhajer. Nitu was recently featured in issuu magazine in its 'Star'tists Women's day special edition.

How to get children to be silent

Most children absolutely love stories. One of the ways to help them become silent is to get them to close their eyes and listen intently to the story. Such activities can gradually lead them to silence and meditation. 

Meditation helps us answer life's various questions

Meditation Monday

If you meditated yesterday, you will be happier today

The more we are in the moment, the more joyful we become. In fact, joy only exists in the present moment. 

Every day is a good day to meditate, but specially Caturday

When we are aligned with our soul, decisions become easier

Help your child have a lifetime of better decisions. Help them become conscious. Help them by introducing them to meditation early in life. Message us for help. 

Insights of all kinds come to us in meditation

If you want to succeed at a task, be in the moment while performing it.