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Meditation is a powerful force

Meditate responsibly ... 

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Lets make the earth laugh

Truth Has a Power to Liberate You

  Truth has a power to liberate us. It was way back in my childhood, one day I was playing hide and seek in a dark room. When I was about to be caught, I tried to slip under a glass table, by mistake glass top broke with a jingle. Lights went on, all the children were called and hauled. "Who did it?"    Under my breath, my heart was pounding and I had started sweating. No one could definitely tell how the glass broke. We all went home. Days passed but the incident kept disturbing me. I had quietened, wouldn't talk much. My sister noticed it. One day she called me and asked what is the matter. I couldn't hold myself any longer and narrated the truth. I don't know how she handled the situation, but I was liberated and returned to my normal life. Today while making this infographic the incident refreshed my mind. I just thought about sharing it with you all.                                                    "The truth shall set you free".

Are you ready for a commitment?

Which is better?

It fills us with child like qualities

Meditators need to flock together ...

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It is like dynamite ... slow dynamite

A Moment Of Tranquility

   Meditate to enliven a moment of tranquility. Our thoughts often control our mind. There is a chaotic chatter pricking our mind and soul. Let loose to a moment, free from noise, violence, worry, and agitation of mind. When no thought controls our mind. Just be calm, quiet and restful.

Meditation teaches us to float through all our pain and sufferings

Meditation liberates us

What time is a good time for meditation?

What time is a good time for meditation? # Anytime It is, of course, advantageous to meditate at a given time every day and at times when you have peace or the company of like-minded people. But any time is a good time for meditation. Art credits:  Archana Gupta

In this moment it is ... try it?

How to deal with the feelings that come up during meditation?

In the right doses :)

If we skip practice, how do we recover?

There are many ways, this is one of them. 

Surround yourself with high-vibe people

Feed Your Mind With Positive Thoughts

 Our minds are a storehouse of all types of thoughts.  In our daily routine, we come across various situations. Some pleasant and some unpleasant. They keep echoing in our minds, many a time these thoughts disturb us too. What can we do about it? Of course, meditate. However, to retain only positive thoughts in our minds, forgive and forget. When we look beyond ourselves only positivity to glow in our mind. It can happen, try meditating over and over again.

We need to have mindful tea drinking sessions ...

Oh wait, the Japanese already do that . 

Hugging is good for families ... mindful hugging is the best

Meditate with gratitude

This is one of the true gifts meditation gives us ...

It will always be there ...

We wish you a very happy meditati Diwali

Meditation Helps US To See Better

    Have we all realized our dreams? Are all our aspirations fulfilled? Maybe not. Some of us might have not made into doctors, engineers, IAS or reached the top of the ladder in various professions. But there are many noble aspects present in everyone, which we can see or feel when we meditate. It is like a sun hidden behind the cloud, which keeps giving us warmth. Keep meditating.

the keyword is ... with consistent practice.

If you want to know how long to meditate ... think in years, not minutes

Declutter ...

Make no assumptions

Let us try eating mindfully today ... even if it is for a few minutes

Life feels vast with meditation ...

Breathe with awareness