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We have a message from a zen master

We can also commit to our daily practices ...

We have to embrace what really matters

Self-victory ...

Why do we not meditate?

An artist's exploration of why we don't meditate even though we know the benefits of meditation? This answer that came from within motivated her to start again. 

Meditation in Stilettos

Did you notice the miracles today?

Got to stick it out ...

Meditate Before You Speak or Act

  Is it possible for us to meditate every time before we speak or act?  No, but when you encounter an unpleasant situation, sometimes an innocent remark made untimely triggers an exchange of verbal unpleasantries. Then take a few seconds off, and meditate before you respond. You will find that whatever you want to say can sound pleasant. Any action after meditation will warm both hearts. So, in such a situation, meditate in your mind, meditate in your heart, before speaking or taking action.                                                                                             Keep meditating.

It is time to spread your wings ...

Want to get drunk? Get drunk on life

Are you waiting for a voice?

When too many things are going on at the same time ...

Remember to breathe deeply often this festive season ...

And then continue onto creating more moments of awareness. 

How many love notes did you get from life today?

Focus on Solution and Not on Problem

   Problems. Did you ever face problems in life?  Everyone faces a problem some or other time in life. Some people find solutions quickly, whereas for some people problems never end. As they try to solve the problem, it starts getting more complicated. They might be trying to eliminate the causes of the problem and not working on solutions. Like, we cannot stop the rain, If we need to go out, then the solution is to take an umbrella or raincoat. Meditation helps us to focus on solutions and not on problems. Keep meditating

We start appreciating the little things in life

Almost ...

“Born into the moment” - Deepti G Gujar

" Just meditate. Find your answers there. I don't have your answers ", he said and hung up. It was 2008. My relationship with my family was a mess of unforgiveness, anger, blame, hatred, and rage. I had attended a workshop (Inner Child Work) with Dr. Newton Kondaveti that had brought me face-to-face with my emotional wounding that completely overwhelmed me. I had also quit my job, run away from home, only to realize that I had nowhere else to go. And now, my one support, a friend who I called for solace left me with these words - “Just Meditate.” I had learned meditation from Brahmarshi Patriji. In that session, he had said: “Through meditation, you can find all your answers.” Yet, after 20 minutes of going back to my breath, I had come out feeling no more special than I had before. So I had dismissed it. That experience, combined with the anger I felt at my friend for my perceived abandonment confirmed my resolve to prove him wrong. I thought, “Let me meditat

A mindful diet is a plant based diet

Paint it ...

Fill up on the good stuff ...

Today We Turn Four

Today we turn four years old. It was exactly fours back, on this day Saurabh J Madan, editor posted our first infographics, 10 October 2014. It was a breakthrough day. We thought about posting one idea a day. As," picture is worth a thousand words." At that time, it was not a conscious decision to start with the post from the icon himself, but as they say in the universe, there are no accidents.      Now we are four years old, with a strong and consistent team Geeti, Saurabh and Neera. new artists are joining in. We created more than 1000 beautiful thoughts on meditation. Meditated with many more friends around the planet.                                                                                                            We thank our viewers for appreciating our work and sharing them with their friends and relatives.  Well done team!   Keep meditating

We learned a lot ... in these 4 years

And another year of dedication has resulted in this day. On this day, 4 years ago, I created the first infographic and wrote about it again last year . What an amazing journey it has been. Using only creativity and the amazing infrastructure the world has already created, we have been able to stand on our own feet. We have given life to more than 1000 beautiful thoughts on meditation, made the world a little more beautiful and meditated with many more friends from around the planet. Here is to many more to come. Also wishing Geeti a very very happy birthday :). Saurabh 

Meditation Opens up Mystery of Life

  When we steal some moments from our busy schedule and sit down to introspect, at times we come across questions like, why am I working so hard? Why am I born? what is the purpose of my life? Why is the seed germinating? We are confronted with a cloud of possibilities.   This is where meditation comes in. It brings wisdom. It detaches us from ifs and whys, do's and don'ts. thoughts will appear and disappear. Keep meditating.

A change of heart is more likely with meditation ...

We know what you are ...

How about a breath bite now.

There are many opportunities in a year :)

Before After ...

Silence Leads Soul to its Path

When we step out into the darkness, Initially it is totally dark, nothing is visible. As we continue to stay there, things become clearer. Similarly, when we stay in silence, preferably a silent ambiance, things within us become clearer. 

Dissolve the Desire to Hit Back

Every one does not have a nature to hit back. But sometimes in our lifespan, we get so hurt that we want to hit back. But we all know that act of hitting back is going to hurt us as much as the other person. What do we do to extinguish the desire to hit back? Just like water extinguishes the fire so does meditation to dissolve the desire to hit back. Keep meditating.

How to be kind to others?