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Meditation makes us fearless

As fears come up and we observe, they pass away. In time we start becoming fearless. Meditation gives us many gifts. 


Spiritual Weddings: Togetherness, but no attachments

The Stand-up Prize for the meditator

Jokes apart, the moment we come out of meditation is important. It is best to give the body a little time to return to physical normalcy. If there is a hurry, it is Okay to get up. If there is time, it is good to enjoy the peace earned through the practice session. 

Lasting joy comes from within

Meditate to know your source

Having a mind full of thoughts is like having traffic jammed by too many cars.

Oodles of Compassion

Meditation helps children become compassionate

Meditation and strong emotions

Sometimes over if the emotion we are feeling is very powerful and we are unable to meditate, it is okay to release the emotion using a healing modality. However, one must practice meditation for longer term results. One awareness is strong enough, it can burn through difficult emotions quickly. 

Meditation and orange juice

On a hot summer day, as you gulp down a cool drink, let your mind be still and let all your senses be directed towards the moment ... and then you will rejoice in life and say .... aaaaahhhhhh!

Everything starts in the now

What are you starting right now? 

The Passage Way into The World Of Shamans

Meditation helps us realize that even ordinary moments are full of color

If the inner world is colorful, then the outer world will be automatically be colorful. Meditation reveals the colors hidden in the inner world. Art Credit: Nitu Chhajer's 

Meditation and eating ice cream

We can also introduce children to being in the present moment while eating food. Or special dishes such as ice cream. Not only does it create a positive association with meditation, it is also great fun. Of course, such devices are for starters, later on, we have to do meditation for the joy of meditation. 

Sometimes we may even lie down and meditate. But this usually leads to unwanted side effects (we fall asleep)

The lotus position is one of the most stable

The lotus pose comes very highly recommended because (once you have gotten the hang of it), it is one of the most stable positions the human body can take. 

The Prayer Position

The Prayer pose is also a pose in which children can sit. The underlying principle is of Sukh-asana(happy posture). Sit in a posture that is comfortable to you. Because a relaxed body is a good base for a relaxed mind. 

Meditation Postures - Sitting in a chair

  Another posture that children for meditation is the 'sitting in a chair' posture. When choosing a posture, focus on principles instead of rules. We are asked to keep our back straight as it aids in breathing (AFAIK). The lotus posture is advantageous because it is one of the stable body postures known to us. And a stable body aids in meditation. 

I complete my assignments well and much ahead in time since I meditate

Learn to listen to your inner voice

Meditation Postures - The Froggy position

I really need to imitate this giant old tree standing tall behind me.

My Meditation Is My Fairy Land

Talk about the present moment

Even when a child is not ready to learn meditation, we can still introduce concepts such as being in the present moment. Each initiative to foster consciousness in a child counts, in the long run, provided it is done with respect for the child's free will. 

Meditation is a timeless skill

It is impossible for us to predict what kinds of problems our kids will face in the future, just as it was impossible for our parents to imagine a world with an internet. But if we equip them with core skills - reading, writing, mathematics, fitness, science and meditation, we will help them build timeless skills. Meditation being a very important one.

Children are able to sit comfortably

  Art Credit: Geeti Bhojnagarwala    "I remember it took me years to become able to sit in cross-legged position. Most of the times the discomfort did not allow me to meditate. Children do not have this disadvantage. They are naturally flexible and can learn early to sit in cross-legged (or any other) meditation position. 

Sometimes in meditation, we go into our distant past

Family time is a beautiful time for children. And if it is spent in meditation, it is a beautiful time for moms as well :)

There are many ways to calm a negative energy without suffering or fighting it. You smile at it, you invite something nicer to come up and replace it. Thich Nhat Hanh

Double your family joy with regular meditation together

The Man and the mountain

A good family atmosphere is helpful for children to start meditation

Meditation brings balance to masculine and feminine energies within us

Self esteem plays a vital role in life. Emotions such as fear, resentment, guilt, anger and shame are enough to make one feel low in self esteem. A person having low self-esteem, goes deep into depression.  One of the causes of low self-esteem is sexual-abuse faced during one's childhood.  It completely shatters a child's self esteem. As she grows up, accepting her own sexuality becomes a greater issue. Such as person does not feel safe in her own identity. This is why teenagers never feel secure and safe about speaking to their opposite sex (in certain parts of the world).  As adults such people have difficulties committing to relationships. She craves for only love but ends up meeting her own shadow in every relationship. And the same thing happens with men as well. Men also feel the same inner dis-balance between their masculine and feminine energies leading to to many problems. There is a prevalent notion that being Spiritual means Living life like a SAN

Paint mindfully :)

Not good for walls, but good for children. It helps to calm children down so they are able to meditate.