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Meditation brings balance to masculine and feminine energies within us

Self esteem plays a vital role in life. Emotions such as fear, resentment, guilt, anger and shame are enough to make one feel low in self esteem. A person having low self-esteem, goes deep into depression. 

One of the causes of low self-esteem is sexual-abuse faced during one's childhood.  It completely shatters a child's self esteem. As she grows up, accepting her own sexuality becomes a greater issue. Such as person does not feel safe in her own identity. This is why teenagers never feel secure and safe about speaking to their opposite sex (in certain parts of the world). 

As adults such people have difficulties committing to relationships. She craves for only love but ends up meeting her own shadow in every relationship. And the same thing happens with men as well. Men also feel the same inner dis-balance between their masculine and feminine energies leading to to many problems.

There is a prevalent notion that being Spiritual means Living life like a SANYASI. A general perception is - "you  do meditation, so you can accept any man in your life, the woman should adjust regardless of her love or lack of it for the man".  The reality is quite horrifying when we give it a thought. 

Spiritual people  suffer more than normal a human beings. As Spirituality brings us closer to our own reality. We cannot get enlightened unless we meet our own shadows. 

Our work then is to release all anger resentment, guilt ,shame, from within, to bring harmony with inner masculine energy. And Meditation helps in greater way to balance these energies.....thus Self esteem is achieved by bringing balance with inner masculine energy.

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