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Create A Golden Energy Healing Ball around hurt in your mind

   Creative visualization is one of the faculties that awakens within us when we continue to meditate. Perhaps it is the clarity a person gets when they have fewer thoughts. Creative visualization can be used for a variety of purposes including healing, planning, scheduling, and even drawing. Little boy has created a golden energy healing ball around his hurt in his mind.                                                                                                                                                          Keep Meditating

This Moment is Phenominal

  This moment is phenomenal! During the day we do come across impressive moments. Like when you look out of the window you may come across the red round ball of the rising sun, a beautiful flower, a bird jumping from one branch to another, or a beautiful face of an innocent little girl. Within the house a nice aroma of food being cooked in the kitchen or a melodious song playing on the radio. These moments may seem a routine, but cultivate a nature to enjoy them, make them extraordinary or phenomenal.                                                                               Keep Meditating

Compassion Begets Compassion

    As our ability to observe increases, we begin to understand the effects of our actions. Through Meditation also we can understand the effect of our actions. Then compassion for others arises within us because an act of compassion begets compassion for ourselves.                                                                                                                                         Keep Meditating

Music and Meditation create Magic

  It is a well-known fact that Music enhances concentration, helps in balancing emotions, also one feels inspired after listening to music.                                                                                                                     It is said that if we meditate while listening to music we can find inner peace and happiness within ourselves.                                                              Keep Meditating

Make Meditation a Habit Early on

If a child can develop the habit of meditation early on, their whole life will be qualitatively better. Keep Meditating       

Connecting with our breath energies us to send lots of love

  A little meditator says," Do you know how I handle a school bully? Well, I huff and puff.......finding a way to squirm into their hearts by rolling off huge energy balls of love and light when I sit down to connect with my breath." Yes, connecting with our breath energies us to send lots of love to the Universe.                                                             Keep Meditating

Meditation Boosts Immunity in Children

 Starting meditation in children early boosts immunity in them, It helps them stay healthy and recover quickly from illness. Encourage children to start meditating in the play-way method.                                                                     Keep Meditating  

True Learning is Meditation

A number of times we are faced with the question that what is meditation? Besides observing our breath is there anything else that can be compared with meditation? Yes, when we learn things with full focus and learn enough to implement it is also meditation.                                     "True learning is Meditation "   Keep Meditating