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What kind of music should we play during meditation

Sitting in meditation unlocks a new vision, a new way of seeing life.

Sitting in meditation unlocks a new vision, a new way of seeing life. 

A feeling of oneness or interbeingness is a by-product of meditation

Do you wish to be mindful

Meditation gives us a glimpse of the other side of death

Seeds of meditation sown in early years

Meditation is the first tool for self-exploration

It's like having a phone charger for your whole body and mind

Meditation is the greatest gift

"Life is available only in the present moment" ~Thich Nhat Hanh

"The inspiration you seek is already written within you. Be silent and seek" ~Rumi

When we attune ourselves to the breath, the mind becomes empty

Meditation makes you innocent

Meditational Experiences: Yawning and sighing is a common phenomena in Meditation

With more meditation, you become innocent

When we have compassion towards another, we become fearless in our interactions with them.

When we have compassion towards another, we become fearless in our interactions with them. Meditation awakens compassion and helps us become fearless.  Picture Credits: Nitu Chhajer's Art. To purchase this painting call Saurabh @ +919945131095. 

There is a part of you that wants to change the way things are ... just observe that part

There is a part of us that wishes to change the way things are. When this part becomes active during meditation, it gains power if we wish to change things. If instead we simply observe it and return to our intention to be one with our breath, we can end the cycle of action faster. Awareness itself is enough to transform whatever image comes up. The thing to do it to increase the awareness.  Awareness is like the fire under the cooking pot. If the soup is not cooking fast enough, we have to increase the flame (awareness). Stirring the pot is not going to make it cook faster. Be dedicated to awareness. It is the key. 

Approach each moment with an illuminated heart

Meditation Has its own terminology

Every science has its own exclusive terminology. The science of music has many different Ragas, Shrutis, Layas, and Talas. Similarly, the science of meditation has its own terminology. Chakras are one such terminology. Meditators will often start perceiving energy movements in their bodies that correspond to Chakras. One of the Good places to read about Chakras is this article on Deepak Chopra's website : . 

Take it easy, you are observing your breath, not diffusing a bomb.

It really does get easier over time. Our questions do get answered. You can visit this site, read books, allow knowledge and experience to come to you at its own pace. 

What is the right posture for meditation.

Even though the lotus posture is one of the most stable postures for meditation, it is not essential for practising meditation. In fact, forcing yourself in an uncomfortable or painful position will only hamper your ability to meditate. You can sit in Lotus position, half-lotus position, kneel down, sit on a chair or stool, or even lie down.  Source: Art and Science of Meditation - by Ms. Chitra Jha and Dr. Newton Kondaveti. 

Meditative minds are not easily prone to influence.

Let your monkey mind watch the breath, and before you know it, it will be silent

We can watch thoughts non-judgmentally once we have broken our identification with them

Meditation requires discipline

Meditation helps us realise that nothing remains the same from one moment to the next

Don't start thinking

Ana Pana Sati - Back to the basics: Consciously breathe in, breathe out ...

Meditational Experiences: Sometimes we see brilliant lights increasing or decreasing in brilliance

Meditational Experiences: Third eye experiences: Lightening flashing in the field of vision.

Meditational Experiences: Sometimes we see white dots in a black sky ... a common 3rd eye experience