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Meditational Experiences: Sometimes we see certain symbols during our meditation

Meditational Experiences: Yawning and Sighing

"The cave you fear to enter, holds the treasure you seek" ~Joseph Campbell

Life is effort; Meditation is Rest

Meditational Experiences: No-Thought state is sometimes experienced during meditation

Meditational Experiences: Sometimes tears start rolling down one's face when in deep meditation

No-Mind means that the you cannot use the mind

Did you know that the word meditation is derived from the root word Medri

Meditational Experiences: Feelings of Contentment, peace and bliss are often experienced in Meditation

Through Meditation the higher self is experienced

What kind of music should I play during meditation?

How do we calm a negative energy?

How long should you meditate?

Credits: Art and Science of Meditation by Dr. Newton Kondaveti and Ms. Chitra Jha

Meditation is not a quick fix for all our problems.

This is a very important post. I wish I had understood this early on when I started meditating. I got an impression that meditation will take care of everything for me. Which was far from true. It does help. And it helps perhaps more than anything else, but it does so by refining the mind. It will not give ideas. It will make the mind more able to generate good ideas. The effects take time, sometimes years before we start to feel the powerful benefits. Till then our ego conveniently dismisses the small but much more significant changes that are coming over our lives. 

Start your day-to-day mindfulness practice with simple actions such as eating and walking ...

Be a Meditator is a sincere attempt to help meditators get accurate information about meditation

Harmony is a wonderful thing, but it is not as powerful as awareness.


For what is a man what has he got?

Slowly, slowly, the darkness of unawareness will disappear ...

Feel fortunate for those moments when awareness returned ...

There is no distraction in your practice; everything is a part of the experience

A straight spine makes us breathe better and stay more alert

Meditation takes us into emptiness, in emptiness, we find love

It takes some time ... keep up the practice ...

In our practice, as long as we are making a choice, there is no self-knowing

The mind must strip itself of all illusion and face what is

Meditation is the action of silence

Meditation is the pathway to lasting joy

Ah! This Moment!

Where to meditate?

Be Patient, meditation takes time ...

Through patience and repeated effort ...

Meditational Experience: We hear music during meditation

Meditational Experience: Our body feels very heavy during meditation

Meditational Experience: We observe that our breathing patterns change during meditation

Meditational Experience: We experience a breeze when we are in meditation

Meditational Experiences: We experience different tastes in our mouths as we go into meditation

How Meditation Helps Us Develop Discipline

Meditation is the art of observing without thought, without mental comment.


Begin by arousing deep compassion

Meditational Experiences: Sometimes we feel sensations of warmth in ourbody while meditating

Sometimes we feel sensations of warmth in our body during meditation