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We need some butterflies in our lives ...

There is so much more in store ...

Let us stretch our minds ...

Turn to your breath

Be playful in your practice

Do not focus on overnight results. Instead, keep practicing, and celebrate the small changes you see in your practice. 

Forgiveness and Meditation

  Sometimes, when someone hurts us. The total scenario keeps replaying in our minds over and over again. But, we also know that somewhere within us there is a voice that says, " forgive him to find peace". When we forgive someone we don't change the past but we sure can change the future. Life becomes easier: when we learn to forgive a person who is not extending an apology. forgiveness is a personal journey that enhances spiritual power and leads you to deep meditation.

Be here now :)

A little confetti today?

Do you wish to end the war between your heart and your mind.

It is your life force!

Meditation opens our third eye

The Third Eye by Lobsang Rampa is a good book if you want to understand metaphysics more.  

New dimensions


Meditation Has the Power to Transform All Before Us

  We all have heard the story of Angulimala. A great transformation took place in him, due to the great compassion shown by Gautam Buddha. Great compassion has the power to transform all before us, barbs into flowers.  Meditation sows a seed of compassion in an individual, which generates a power to transform negative things into positive. Keep Meditating.

For all you cat loving meditators out there ...

Walk out of the box of emotions - our 1000th infographic

This is indeed a proud moment. When we started, we could not have imagined we would get here one day. So happy, so grateful ... thank you BAM (Be a Meditator) for existing in our lives. 

Renew the commitment everyday

Lets log in ...

Source = Breath = Nirvana

Do this with meditation ...

Spirituality and Abundance

  Most people think abundance means "a lot of money" but abundance is a feeling. Abundance is gratitude and seeing richness in every moment. It is something that is already there in you, it just needs to be tapped. This is where comes meditation which leads to spirituality and abundance.                  Meditate with an open mind, ready to receive anything everything.

In all the monasteries everywhere ...

We got you a beauty tip today ...

In this moment ...

We found our leader ...

Bring consciousness to love

It is the ultimate mobile experience :)

We can suggest a replacement for your mobile device

Positive Thoughts, Words and Action

          " I wish I hadn't said that or I wish I had not taken that action in hurry." Such things happen with us, despite having the best of intentions. We grieve over that momentary action. It becomes very difficult to explain to the other person that you didn't mean to do so.  As we spend time observing our breath, our mind learns to focus on positivity. Our thoughts, words and actions become positive.

It is the path ...

There are many ways

There are better ways kids :)