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Our Breath stretches our mind

Every Lil' Breath holds our lives together :)

Don't Allow Thoughts to steal your joy, silence them with meditation ...

Look At Life With

Meditation Is Like A Gym

Meditation Has Taught Me

Meditate-Ask Me How

Meditation is a Jump into Unknown

 Many a time we come across people who say, "I want to meditate, but whenever I sit observing my breath with closed eyes. Tens of hundreds of thoughts cloud my mind. After sometimes I don't know whether I was still observing my breath. How is sitting in this meditational mudra and observing breath going to help me?"  All experienced meditators say, "It will help". Meditation is a jump into the unknown. something out of the blue may cross our mind and make us aware of ourselves.                                                       Keep meditating

Radiate Positivity

Good Humour And Meditation

The Consistent Practice

Mindful eating can help regulate portion sizes and aid in weight management ...

Our Mind Is Like A Muscle

We play with our breath every day ... #couplegoals :)

meditation assists us in expansion of Mind, ideas and human spirit

 What is expansion of mind? Let us think, For example,  nowadays we use GPS to drive our way to a particular destination. What happens when GPS stops working? We are stuck. Why, because, we have stopped looking at road signs. We hesitate to ask directions. To avoid such situations, we need to be more in tune with our surroundings. That is expansion of the mind.  To expand our mind is to start thinking about the world in a new way. Similarly, expanding ideas could mean looking at the same thing from different angles using, all our knowledge. Meditation assists us in expansion of mind, ideas and the human spirit.                                                       Keep Meditating

The days you skip meditation ...

Conscious breathing

breath guard

Children should be taught when still young

Breath Surfing Is like attitude dancing

to all the moms and babies who meditate :)

Life repeats our lessons till we learn them

 Is it possible that the same person often gets stuck in a traffic jam or another person meets an unfriendly neighbour every time he shifts to a new house? Or sometimes we get stuck with the same person, who always finds faults in us.  We do come across such situations. Can there be a reason behind them? It is said that similar situations keep reoccurring in our life until we have learnt to handle them. What can help us to change our response to such situations? You guessed it right. Meditation can help us learn our lessons faster.                                                           Keep meditating

Just Like my curls is my breath

Dear Breath, I choose you :)

Breath ...

Soak Relax and rejuvenate yourself

The Soul Always Knows what to do to heal itself

Meditation Can Reintroduce you to the spark you have been missing ...

The World of action is the best place to be aware

Want to enhance your awareness? Meditate in the world of action. Be aware of all the actions going on around you. Keep meditating

Kick Out all Your stress

Life Becomes A Smoothie through meditation