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We Get Many Ideas during Meditation

 We get Many ideas during meditation. Sometimes really amazing and totally new ideas. However, we are not to hang on to these ideas during meditation. These ideas will be there in the subconscious mind and will appear as and when we focus on them.                                                         Keep Meditating

Meditate to be in the Present Moment

  What we do while dancing is beautiful but fleeting. Dance is not immortalized like music or poetry or art in museums. Dance movements are there for the present moment, next moment is another posture. A dancer while dancing lives in the present moment. Meditate to be in the present moment.                                                         Keep Meditating

Observe Your Breath till You Completely Calm Down

 Can meditation be used as punishment? No, never. There is a girl in the school who throws so many tantrums all the time. Because of her tantrums, she has become unpopular. One day the teacher asked her to go and stand in a corner ( quiet place) and observe her breath till she completely calmed down. Meditation can help in developing a calm nature.                                                        Keep Meditating 

There is No Substitute To Meditation

 We have come across various forms of meditation, but our little girl says, " I love to dance but I know there is no substitute to meditation"                                                        Keep Meditating

Connect With Your Breath Daily

  Connecting with our breath daily, pumps in so much love into our hearts, that our family and friends too, respond with the same love, sometimes more love than we can imagine. Even people who do not agree with our ideas also appreciate us for the amount of love can emit.                                                         Keep Meditating

Get Up From Meditation Gently

 When we reach near completion of our meditation. We are in a blissful state. We should gently rub our fingers and toes to return to the present moment feeling wakeful and refreshed.                                                               Keep Meditating

Become Aware of Your Thoughts About Meditation

 So many thoughts cross our mind while meditating. In between some thoughts about meditation also cross our minds, like " I am so totally focused on my breath" or " I am meditating awesomely today" We should become aware of meditational thoughts too.                                                     Keep Meditating

My Friends Adore Me For My Patience

 Remember the school days when we used to do group skipping. Some children would be eagerly waiting for someone to falter so that their turn to skip comes. There may be a girl who is patiently waiting for her turn. Meditation teaches us to be patient.                                                              Keep Meditating

One Cannot Reach the Awareness Without the Effort of Deliberate Meditation

 We are like a cinema screen, where activities are going on. We are aware of the activities and its effect, but not the screen, which s self. Make a deliberate effort to meditate.                                                             Keep Meditating

The Goal of all Mindful Activities is to prepare the mind for Meditation

Mindful activities may be used to bring the mind into a meditative state. In fact, the core goal of all healing and mindful activities is to prepare the mind for meditation. Keep Meditating

The Most Beautiful Moment In The World

 Do you know which is the most beautiful moment in the world? When children join parents in meditation.                                                   Keep Meditating

Meditation Can Become Medication

Well ... there are many indications that meditation (over long periods of time) provides many benefits, both physical as well as emotional and spiritual. Though we would like to claim that it is the answer to all problems. But It depends a lot on the practitioner, how long they have meditated, how deep they go into their practice, what are the other conditions that affect them. The best idea is - this is great for long term growth. The results become obvious over multiple years. Till then. Keep Meditating

Meditate To Allow Everything To Come Up With All Its Energy

 There may be a few things which we do not want to encounter in our life. We keep running away from them. We live in fear. As days pass by, we start losing confidence. Which can be the worst thing to happen. so we need to meditate to gain courage and let everything come up with all its energy. This phase too will pass off.                                                             Keep Meditating