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Meditation Makes Life Meaningful

 Is it possible, for a Father and a  son to walk side by side, and a mother and daughter walking hand in hand?  If such a thing happens to them, then together they can overcome the unexpected. The bond between them will grow stronger each day, whether they are far or near.  Yes, meditation can help them achieve this wonderful relationship, and their life will become meaningful.                                                      Let's meditate together.

Do you wish to spend the day with awareness?

Who wants a miracle?

Life can become sweet

Your breath is your friend

How about some breath binging now?

Sometimes less is more

Meditation Before An Adventure or Learning

Many of us have a desire to go climbing mountains, sailing or river rafting. Even aspire to go deep inside the jungles, searching new trails. However, before we start our journey, many pros and cons cross our minds. Many a time,  when we start the adventure we can hear our racing pulse and pounding heart. But, if we meditate before starting our adventure, we will be calm, not worry about consequences. At the end of an event, we will feel immense pleasure. The same is the case with learning. If we meditate before starting our lessons, it will register deep down in our hearts. Meditation before an adventure or learning gives immense pleasure.

Did you meditate today?

It is one of the things you have to DIY :)?

The good side to the dark side :)?

We must nourish ourselves every day in every way

Have fun with meditation

Meditation feels like?

Meditation is a true gift for the world

Let us begin each day with meditation

Set your heart on doing good

The little things ...

Thailand cave rescue, how meditation helped the boys survive

Recently, 12 boys and their coach were rescued from the  Tham Luang Nang Non cave complex  in Thailand. The boys were there for 9 days before being rescued. What kept them alive?  Their coach, 25-year-old  Ekkapol Chantawong had been taught meditation at a monastery in  Mae Sai, Thailand for 10 years.  According to sources, the coach told the boy to meditate in the cave, keep calm and preserve their energy during the two-week-long ordeal. Being trapped underground in a blocked off cave must have been nervewracking. The first, second or third day, panic would have set in and hope would have gone. Only a skill like meditation could have given the team the energy to go through this ordeal. Like the rest of the world, we are also jubilant that they have survived. We are sad for the passing of Thai Ex-Navy-Seal Saman Kunan and wish peace on him. And grateful to all the divers, people, governments, including the Indian government that sent water pumping equipment. Thank you, Th

I am doing this every night ...

On a serious note though, if we meditate the last thing at night, the mind can maintain the calmer state through a large portion of the night. 

Celebrating Other's Achievements

With the football fever on, every day we see one team winning and another team losing. It is part of the game. Sometimes we have to accept that we can't be winning all the time. If we can leave aside the results ( to be analysed later for the betterment of the game) and start celebrating with the winning team? We will observe, that failure takes a back seat.  Meditation can imbibe the art of celebrating others achievements as if they were our own. Thus a feeling of failure is replaced with a feeling of oneness. 

Embrace change

Be still and listen ...

It reveals itself ...

I found the key ...

With awareness of course ...

We need this in more schools

Do this to do that?

Jennifer Aniston Meditates