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We get many ideas during meditation

BeAMeditator Continue To Meditate

Meditation or even deep breathing can help children overcome anger issues.

It has been tried successfully here - 

The beauty in everyday life becomes obvious to a meditative person

"As meditation increases the power of observation and presence, we notice more. While earlier we may have seen only a flower, now we see its petals, shades of color, shapes of it's petals and how it fits in its background. This makes the same world more beautiful." Try becoming more present with someone today ... see the difference

One of the most important relationship skills

There is no substitute for meditation

Inspired by a Satsang with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar 

Be the awareness behind your thoughts and emotions

Take your time to return back to the physical moment

Take a moment to connect back to physicality before getting on with the day. Set intentions after you have completed meditation as it puts you in a state of higher vibrations. 

Granny Loves Meditation

This infographic was created in Winter. But on a serious note ... do you have a grandmother who meditates or who meditated. Give her a high-five from us. 

Teach children by example ... let mom and dad be meditators

When they are younger, children consider their parent's words as absolute truth. A little child is completely dependent on it's parents for survival and love and nourishment. A child naturally follows in it's parents footsteps. If we really want children to succeed at meditation, we can set an example for them. Maybe even meditate together for a few minutes a day. 

The goal of all mindfulness activities is to prepare the mind for meditation

Mindful activities may be used to bring the mind into a meditative state. In fact, the core goal of all healing and mindful activities is to prepare the mind for meditation.

We all trust authentic people. Meditation is the way

We all trust authentic and compassionate people. People become authentic when they see themselves as they are and accept themselves as they are. Meditation brings about this way of seeing. Hail to meditation. #everymomentofeveryday

When thoughts settle down, children also settle down ...

Wouldn't you like to have a child that settles down when it is needed :). Be the role model, start practicing daily. Be a Meditator.

Meditation enhances patience among young people

Meditation is enough

Meditation helps us recall the very distant past sometimes

A strong practice takes time to build, but is worth it

Meditation aids Medication

Well ... there are many indications that meditation (over long periods of time) provides many benefits, both physical as well as emotional and spiritual. And though we would like to claim that it is the answer to all problems, we feel - not yet. It depends a lot on the practitioner, how long they have meditated, how deep they go into their practice, what are the other conditions that affect them. The best idea is - this is great for long term growth. The results become obvious over multiple years. Till then, keep meditating and do not make drastic changes without referring to an expert.

Happy Buddha Poornima

Today we honor with affection, one of our teachers - Bramarshi Patriji, one of whose messages is to solve all our problems using meditation. 

Happy Buddha Poornima 2017

“A parable for thee, O King,  if thou the truth would’st read:  The happiness of kingdom and of army and of steed and city  must be dear to thee,  if thou would’st rule indeed.”           - Buddha as a Bodisatwa

The most beautiful moment in the world

BeAMeditator treasure every moment

Allow everything to come up

More meditati-less stressi

Meditation is Kryptonite

Meditation helps us face the wildness of the mind

Meditation with music

Disclaimer: Do not try this with rock music. Music may be used in early stages of our practice to drown out background noises. The music should be soft and gentle, like this one ...

Accept everything, and your mind will be at rest

Pick one moment

Pick one moment in the day when you can be intensely involved in whatever you are doing ...

BeAmeditator SpaceBetweenYour thoughts

Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha

3 things help a meditator gain wisdom of the soul.  1. Buddha or the development of wisdom, through meditation or studying the correct spiritual books.  2. Dhamma or applying our wisdom in our day to day life. This is the most important piece. Even a little amount of implementation is far more valuable than being able to recite long treatises on wisdom.  3. Sangha or keeping the company of people who are like-minded, who will lift up your soul and give you wholesome ideas, that will be of benefit to you.  Source: Nitu Chhajer Art.