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Meditational Experiences: Sometimes we see bright beautiful colors

Seeings bright beautiful colors is a common meditational experience. It has nothing to do with today being Halloween; Happy Halloween 

Dive deep into breath

Contact us at  editor @ beameditator DOT com  if you would like to meditate with us :)

Take this moment and make it beautiful

Meditation peals away layers of the unknown, just like an onion

Connect To The Rising Sun

When we connect to the sun, we connect to a visible reality of the natural and spiritual vibrations. Our ancestors always talked about getting up early morning, and watch sun rise from horizon. At this hour the red colour of sun is very soothing, it calms us, gives us hope a new perspective. It lifts our mood and releases stress. Sun is a treasure to connect with. To meditate better connect to the rising sun early morning, which widens and deepens our inner wisdom.  

Living life to a T

Meditation is the path from Stress to Peace

3 Years and Counting

It was exactly 3 years ago on this day that we posted our first infographic . 10th Oct, 2017. It was a breakthrough day. The road to publishing a full-fledged magazine was harder than we imagined and stalled often when it began. So this idea - "A picture is worth a thousand words" came into our lives. And we started posting one idea at a time. One small idea. At that time, it was not a conscious decision to start with a post from the icon himself , but as they say in the Universe, there are no accidents. So here we are 3 years hence. With a strong and capable team. Geeti, Neera, Nitu and myself (Saurabh). On this day, as my heart fills with gratitude, I am also reminded of a poem from the movie - The Grey  Once more into the fray.  Into the last good fight I'll ever know. Live and die on this day.  Live and die on this day.  What a journey this has been. What an amazing journey. -Saurabh 

We are nuts about our breaths

Life becomes meditation

Noises,noises,noises,distractions,distractions,distractions. Life is full of these. For little ones " did you do your home work?, be confident, look smart". My heart says, I need to perform better, my boss is not happy with me. I love my family. I can't live without them. I am left alone. I don't know what to do with my life. these noises and distractions will be left far behind when we meditate regularly and correctly.                                         " Then The whole life becomes meditation"

A birthday Meditation

The birthday is a very important day in a person's life. It is a great day to meditate.  And it is the birthday of our amazing cartoonist - Geeti .  Don't forget to like our page on facebook - Be a Meditator

Baking a meditative cake

We all need twelve hugs a day and some meditation

My breath puts me at ease

I celebrate in silence

Free Yourself From Disappointment and Triumph

 Life is full of ups and downs, sometimes we are winning, reaching the heights of success. At that juncture some start thinking that we are invincible. however, another time we are not able to meet our expectations. Thats when we start getting disappointed and go into depression.  These triumphs and disappointments are temporary. If you have not won a medal this year, you may get it next year. Thus disappointment was temporary. So is the case with triumphs Meditate regularly to free yourself from temporary set backs.

I dwell in nothingness ...

     What if my favourite pastime is to dwell in nothingness is not barren. It is creative, fertile, and boundless it takes shape when we come out of nothingness brilliant and beautiful.                                                              Keep Meditating

When I spend a few moments with my breath ... which connects me to the flow of words