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Don't Let Your Mind Wander

All Meditation must begin with arousing deep compassion

 Above infographic is inspired by Jetsun Milarepa Tibetan Siddha, who later turned Buddhist. He says, when we start meditating, it should be selfless. Whatever we do must emerge from an attitude of love and benefitting others. Thus, all meditation must begin with arousing deep compassion.      Keep meditating, feeling of compassion will arouse with time.

Only Love Is Real

Yoga and meditation together


There may be many up swings and down swings in your practice, but regularity is key ...

Yoga And Meditation

We Are One Heck of a buddhaful Family

Dedicated to all the meditating dads ... good job setting the example! 

Meditation ia a Pathway to lasting Joy

  What do you think, where would meditation take you? Many people associate meditation with people, who go to a jungle or mountains in search of peace or truth. there they become very lonely, their connection with civilization gets cut off. However, a meditator finds happiness in every situation. Thus meditation is a pathway to lasting joy.                                                         Keep Meditating

Today's Good Mood is a result of yesterday's investment :)

Tomorrow's good mood depends on today's practice :). 

The right time to be mindful is now ...

To start with, you could just become aware of your body or your breath. It will help you center yourself. 

The more regular you are, the more deeply you meditate ...

It is like cleaning the mirror ... have you cleaned yours today?

In The End Only Few

     And whether we did our daily meditation :)  Start today! 

Breathing In and breathing out

Our inner voice is heard in meditation.

Did you hear yours today? 

In the long run, meditator's attract loving energy to them ...

The vibe we put out is the vibe we get back. Meditation raises the vibe. Did you meditate today? 

Me and meditation are like burgers and french fries :)

A Lil' Stretching and a lil' breathing and we are ready for the day ...

A mind without meditation is quite confused ...

Our meditation connects us to creativity

Mystical experiences come our way when we meditate regularly

Meditator accepts situations that are not under his control

 Is everything under our control? Maybe not, sometimes situations are not under our control. We feel helpless, angry, sad, worthless or all at the same time. Think of a situation when we are caught in a traffic jam. We can't turn back. We are unable to go ahead. Under such scenarios, we may come across people honking desperately,  we may also come across another set of people who would sit calmly. These calm people have an inherant quality of a meditator.                                                            Keep meditating.

Hug your breath every day

Meditate early in the morning :)

Keep it simple - camp and meditate

Breathe into it

Meditation and positive thinking make a good combination :) 

What are you looking for?

Try knitting your breath today

You can specifically try noticing the gap between your in-breath and your out-breath :) 

A Meditator keeps Cool even in Emergency

A lot of things ...