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Sofasana ...

Sofsana!! Meditation in Sofa Asana ... it is of course better to keep our spine straight and sit in a steady posture, but any posture is good for meditation if that is what we can achieve in the moment.

Sleep dear one :)

There are many wonders waiting for you in meditation ... begin, continue, celebrate ...

Sadhana Sangha Dhamma

Meditation helps us find a better path at almost any crossroad. Begin your meditation journey. Ask us if you need help. 

Let's bring some joy into our lives

A zooming grinding mind

Replace cigarettes with meditation

When Patriji was younger, he used to smoke a lot. Even after becoming a meditation teacher he used to smoke a lot. But there were 2 qualities that led to this incident happening in his life. 1. He has an iron-will power 2. He would do anything to teach people meditation. He had gone to the Himalayas, traveling to see the world, when he met someone from another country. Patriji and this person got talking and Patriji told him (between puffs of cigarette that he was smoking) that the person must take up meditation. The gentleman returned the challenge and said - "I will take up meditation if you give up smoking." Patriji threw down the cigarette. And that was the last time he smoked.  Maybe the journey was difficult. And whether or not you give up smoking, definitely take up meditation :). You can learn more here --

Meditate to Come out of Sadness

Do you feel sad when someone passes a negative remark? Do small things affect you? Sometimes a feeling of sadness surrounds us. We feel that nothing is left in our life and there is no hope.  Sadness is a part of our life's emotional cycle. now the question is how do we come out of it? When we meditate selflessly without focusing on the problem, after some time or some days of meditation one would feel the cloud of sadness lifting. Keep meditating.

Mothers can bond with their unborn children in meditation

When Buddha was about to be born, his mother had a dream of a white elephant with 6 tusks entering her womb. There are many versions of how the dream was interpreted, but it was understood that the time of the birth of the baby was near and sure enough very soon the Buddha was born. Many wise men of the time interpreted the dream to have profound meaning about the child's qualities.  In meditation also, sometimes mothers (and fathers) can get signs that might be hinting about the child that is on the way. Meditation can be beneficial to the unborn child in many other ways as well. A conscious pregnancy clears away many sankharas (impressions) from the child's past lives. But not just mothers, everyone should meditate :). Need help? Contact us.

All differences can be resolved through meditation

The heart can reconcile opposites, differences, contrasts. It can include all. That is why it is said that love is the way. To awaken the heart we can meditate. Being in silence also heals the heart chakra. Happy meditating. And if you are unable to meditate, consider embracing silence for a little bit of time. 

With Meditation we find balance ...

Be affectionate towards your breath

It is better to not be attached to anything, but if you have to, be attached to your breath ...

The breath is our lifeboat

Burn brighter ... become aware

An opportunity to meditate

We don't recommend skipping homework for meditation :), but we recommend meditation wholeheartedly. Did you meditate today? 

Hug a tree, come into the now moment

Try meditation, not brain surgery

Sometimes healing prepares us for meditation

Breathwork is a wonderful technique for clearing away old blocks. It can aid a lot in meditation. 

and a meditator ... :)

Meditate to set goal

  When I looked out of the window, I saw some feathers flying up and down in the direction of the breeze. A strong breeze was blowing. After some time, the breeze stopped, all the feathers fell to the ground. A feather is so light that it cannot decide its grounding place. Similarly, life without a goal is like a feather, it will just keep moving. but if we give direction to life by setting a goal, it will give peace, happiness, satisfaction, and bliss.                                                      Meditate to set a goal.

Soul Donuts

Smile through it all

Let your happiness become independent of everything. First, meditate and find inner happiness. It will spread into all external activities. It may take a few years of practice, but it is worth the effort.

In breath and out breath ...

In fact, everything can be a meditation. 

Relationship status - forever together ...

Get Zen!

We definitely should meditate before eating burgers :)

Try hosting a mindful eating party :). If we host one, we will invite you. 

I have got to get me one of these ...