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Replace cigarettes with meditation

When Patriji was younger, he used to smoke a lot. Even after becoming a meditation teacher he used to smoke a lot. But there were 2 qualities that led to this incident happening in his life.

1. He has an iron-will power
2. He would do anything to teach people meditation.

He had gone to the Himalayas, traveling to see the world, when he met someone from another country. Patriji and this person got talking and Patriji told him (between puffs of cigarette that he was smoking) that the person must take up meditation.

The gentleman returned the challenge and said - "I will take up meditation if you give up smoking."

Patriji threw down the cigarette. And that was the last time he smoked. 

Maybe the journey was difficult. And whether or not you give up smoking, definitely take up meditation :). You can learn more here -- https://www.beameditator.com/2019/03/how-to-meditate.html

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