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Our Thoughts Create Our Reality

breathe into it

Let us dive deeply into our breath

Go beyond thought ...

Bing on your breath

The best kind of addition

We will go so far as to say, you cannot live without it. Why not add some consciousness to it? 

A little bit of awareness can bring so much value to this moment

Our breath unbolts our heart

If ever you feel heartbroken, turn to your breath. It is always there for you. 

Just trust yourself

The breath is the key

I have arrived

And thank you Thich Nhat Hanh for inspiring us :) 

Lets tune in ...

Every byte of wisdom is good

In every moment ...

There are times ...

Is your consciousness prepared to expand :)?

Steve Jobs also thought so ...

Are you ready for balance?

Well ... are you ready to work towards it :)? 

Connect with your breath consciously

Are you feeling bent out of shape today?

We Can Learn Something From Everything and Everyone

  When we think about learning, immediately a picture of a textbook or a classroom with a teacher flashes through our mind. Are these the only source of learning?  Look out of the window, you can see a plant growing every day. We can learn from a plant to grow continuously under any condition. Bears fruits for others to enjoy. In the sitting room, a pet and baby teach us to give selfless love. A rose plant on window sill grows with thorns. Yes, we can learn to blossom with all the adversaries around us. A cobbler at the corner of a street is continuously mending shoes. In the same way, we can mend anything and everything.  But how do we become conscious of the fact,  that we can learn from others too? Meditation helps us in realizing this great energy. Keep meditating

Life can get so much better with small shifts

I was born with fire in my soul

Have you noticed this?

The heart is like a garden

Come rain or shine, remember to meditate on time

Be that flower ...

Man or woman ... either is fine :) 

Beameditator Team as on 1 Jan 2019

 Be a meditator team ( Neera, Saurabh, Geeti) wish you a very Happy 2019. Set new goals, strive for great achievements, Stay motivated. Stay blessed and keep meditating.

Non Dual Consciousness

                                                          Non-dual consciousness.  Now, what is this? Dual consciousness is a sense when we are always looking at ourselves through the eyes of others. like, " she is so beautiful but has no intelligence. Hardworking but no initiative. He is a school dropout, his future is doomed." But we have read biographies of so many genius who are school dropouts. Perhaps these people did not spend time on what others are thinking about them.   Meditate to release this dual consciousness and focus only on our real consciousness, which is inner awakening energy. When we find this energy our life becomes like the fragrant spring season.                                                                                       Keep Meditating