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Observe Your Breath Under the Watchful Eye of Piggy Tao

   It's a well-known fact that If we observe our breath we can quickly calm down. But children are playful and fidgety. It is difficult to make them sit quietly. A school girl narrates, " If we ever fight with our friends in school, Polly aunty makes us sit in a quiet corner, puts a pyramid cap on our heads and we are asked to watch our breath under the watchful eyes of Piggy Tao till we calm down fully." Meditate to inculcate a habit of observing our breath regularly.                                                                                                                                                                 Keep Meditating

Observe Your Breath Everyday to become Star Girl

    Did you spend some time alone with your breath today? The star girl of a school says, "My teachers feel very proud of me. My friends admire me. I simply thank my breath every single day for creating this magic for me." Observe your breath every day. It will blossom the inner beauty in you.                                                                                                  Keep Meditating

Mindfulness Makes Us Feel Grateful for Everything

 Am I mindful all the time? Mindfulness is a mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment. It is the basic ability to be aware of where we are and what we are doing. When we are mindful, we reduce stress, and gain insight, like Alia and Anna we may also feel grateful. Meditation enhances mindfulness.                                                                                                                                                                                                          Keep Meditating

Embrace Emptiness with Meditation

  Once a large project or undertaking is over, it is natural to feel empty. It may be after a major goal has been accomplished, or a long journey or a sudden reduction in responsibilities on retirement or when a child leaves for college. In such times, it is natural to feel empty and we generally fill this emptiness by turning to food, television, or other substitutes that do not serve us when consumed in excess.               Under such circumstances, it is best to start meditating. The feeling of emptiness will soon pass. Leaving us in the emotional space to pick up a more wholesome next step. Meditation is a long term investment in emotional stability. It is a very important skill for human beings.                                                                                                                                              Keep Meditating                                                                                              

Meditate Everyday Before You Start Preparing for any competition

   What type of emotions do we have before we start preparing for any competition? Anxiety, stress, fear?     There may be a constant hammering, on our mind, that whether I will perform well on the day of competition or not. One way to ward off anxiety is to practice well. another way is to connect with your breath every day, before you start practicing, and also on the day of competition.                                                                                                              Keep Meditating

Become One with Your Activity and You Become Meditative.

  Become one with your activity. Amani says," when I play my guitar, we become one--me, my guitar and my breath." When we focus on our activity and get engrossed with it, we reach a meditative state. No past, no future, just the present.                                                                                                                                                                                                    Keep Meditating

No Future, No Past, all is Now Moment

  Imagine a situation. A football match is going on, the goalkeeper is all set in the middle of the goal post to save the goal. and then suddenly the ball just goes past him. A shout from the spectators 'goal !' and from the other end, oh no! as no one expected him to miss the ball. What might have happened? Was he thinking about the previous match or the next league match that was forthcoming? We need to train our minds not to indulge in the past or future, just be present in the now moment.                                                                                                            Keep Meditating

Share Stories about Meditation with Children

 The little boy says, " I go for a nature walk with mom every morning. She shares many 'Jatak Tales' about the great breath master Buddha and I simply love hearing them all." Hearing tales on meditation early in life will help children learn to observe their breath, the simplest form of meditation.                                                                               Keep meditating

Happy Birthday Beameditator

We learned a lot ... in these 6years Another year of dedication has resulted in this day. On this day, 6 years ago, I created the first infographic. What an amazing journey it has been. Using only creativity and the amazing infrastructure the world has already created, we have been able to stand on our own feet. We have given life to 1732 beautiful thoughts on meditation, made the world a little more beautiful. Meditated with many more friends from around the planet. Here is to many more to come. Keep Meditating Saurabh

Meditate With Your Pets

   Home alone! No, we are not alone, if we have our pets with us. One little girl says, " Whenever I feel sad my pets surround me, and then I share my story with them after that I start meditating." Her pets also sit quietly around her. It brings a lot of peace.                                                                                                                                                                     Keep Meditating

In the Attitude of Silence Soul finds The Path in a Clearer Light

When we step out into the darkness, Initially it is totally dark, nothing is visible. As we continue to stay there, things become clearer. Similarly, when we stay in silence, preferably a silent ambiance, things within us become clearer. The inner silence develops with meditation.                             Keep Meditating.

Consciousness Already Knows What is Best for Us

 Consciousness already knows what is best for us. We need not set manifestations intentions of a meditation session. We can set a larger intention and then meditate regularly. Meditation should be done simply to meditate. Meditate without any other intention. Meditation is an end in itself.                                                                                                Keep Meditating