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Listen to your Heart Carefully, its a sound of your Soul

  When we listen to our hearts carefully, it becomes more and more distinct. A soft pushing, saying something to us. It is the sound of the soul. Observe your breath to be in a blissful state.                                       Keep Meditating

Meditation is to Perform with Utmost Joy

 Sometimes we hear children saying that I  like this class or I don't like this class. To achieve maximum happiness, we should perform with the intention to enjoy it. The pleasure will be immense. Observe your breath before each performance.                                          Keep Meditating 

Meditate in Natural Surroundings

 We have heard a lot about people going to the Himalayas in search of peace. Meditating out in natural surroundings helps us in training the mind to only focus on the moment. Everything else falls away, as we concentrate on breathing.                                       Keep meditating

Find Solutiona to all your Problems using Meditation

 Sometimes our mind gets clouded with various questions, like " Do I have to love my job? or What do I want to do with my life? or Can money really buy happiness? or Can love last a lifetime?" Find solutions to all your problems using meditation.                                               Keep Meditating 

Our Mind is like a Snow Globe

 Our mind is like a snow globe with multiple thoughts. If we shake a snow globe a clear picture appears, maybe with a snowfall. In the same way, when we meditate a clear goal appears, all the confusion disappears.                                          Keep Meditating 

Any Place is Good Place to Meditate

 Which is the right place for a soldier posted on duty to protect a dam? In fact, the sound of flowing water is magical. It brings the mind to the present moment. Rivers, flowing water, fountains these places are conducive to meditation. just see the flowing water and let your thoughts flow by. Any place is a good place to meditate.                                  Keep Meditating

Concentrate on the NOW moment

 What is NOW moment? Whenever we are practicing a new skill. There may be thoughts like, "I made mistake yesterday. I might not perform well tomorrow." We should let go off the past, stop thinking about the future. Concentrate on the present moment. The NOW moment. Regular meditation trains us to be in now moment.                            Keep Meditating

Meditation is the Practice of being in the Present Moment

  Life has both positive and negative experiences. In order to choose positivity, first, we have to be in the present moment. Meditation is the practice of being in the present moment.                                  Keep Meditating

Benifits of meditation should be used Judiciously

 The benefits of meditation are like a positive nucleus of an atom, which contains a large amount of energy. If this energy is channelized it can be used for various constructive purposes. It can be used for the betterment of humankind. this energy if not used judiciously it can disrupt the emotional and hence physical balance of the individual.  Be in the awareness                                                                     keep Meditating 

Loving-Kindness Meditation

  Once our meditation session is over and we have reached a state of joy. Sharing joy is beneficial to us and to others. Loving-Kindness to others is a very good practice.                    Keep Meditating You can read more about it here: 

New Awareness, and a New Consciousness

  While practicing meditation we talk a lot about awareness. Awareness allows us to get outside of our minds and observe things with new awareness. The better awareness, the better our choices. As we make better choices, we will see better results. Meditate to rise above the usual conclusion and reach out to new awareness and a new consciousness.                                                     Keep Meditating 

Deep Awareness can Make Us a Champion

Some of us, sometimes become unaware of what goes on around us. To become a champion we need to give space to awareness. Awareness dictates an angel's ability to be watchful of our surroundings. We become aware of the slightest change. Meditate to enhance your awareness.                                   Keep Meditating               

To Find the Light Become your Own Fuel

Taken from another quote by Bruce Lee about his sickness and miraculous recovery from it.  "The medicine for my suffering I had within me from the beginning, but I did not take it. My ailment came from within myself but I did not observe it. Until this moment. Now I see that I will never find the light, unless, like the candle, I become my own fuel". Energize yourself through meditation.                                            Keep Meditating

There is a Moment of Silence when we Hear More

 With the advent of social media, we are connected with large number of people. there is lot of conversation going on. People are collecting information, gaining knowledge, and passing on to other people. We read and hear lot of things. Yet there is very little which stays with us. However, if we have done enough meditational practice. Then there is a moment of silence in which we hear more than all our conversations with other people.                                                Keep Meditating

Even Monday is Fun for Meditators

 Yellow bright and shining, happy as the sun. Connecting to our in-out breaths is joyful and such fun for a meditator.                                               Keep Meditating

Meditating in a Group gives Positive Purpose to meditator

There are many of us who have been meditating for years. But sometimes there is a feeling of boredom and loneliness. When such instances appear in life, then one can help other meditators by meditating with them in groups. ( under present scenario one can meditate through video conferencing). This will give a positive purpose to your practice of meditation.                                                  Keep Meditating

Meditate to find Answers to your Questions

  When we are looking for a quick answer, like the meaning of a word or finding the most suitable place to go. Where do we search? With the entry of mobile phones and the internet. We just click on Google and get the answer. But when we start asking ourselves, questions like, what is the purpose of my life? or why am I born to this family? Google is not able to give a direct answer. It sends us many links. So to say, some questions can't be answered by Google. Only meditation can bring us close to the answers to such questions.                                                       Keep Meditation

No Evaluation... There is only Knowing...

 When we know, deep down that we have to do the right thing. Then consequences cease to exist. We can take whatever comes. We will be happy with anything everything. Meditate to understand what is right. What is good for the entire universe.                                                               Keep Meditating

Meditation helps you to become better Transmitter and receiver

 Do you want to be a good communicator? I have always been wanting to be a better communicator. When I say something to people, they should understand what exactly I am saying. See the purpose behind it. the intention behind it. In the same way, whenever I am learning something new. I should be able to learn it well and quickly too. These are two skills that make a person achiever. Meditation can enhance these mental activities.                                                     keep Meditating

To Remain Super Charged Throughout the day Meditate Together

 To remain supercharged, throughout the day. As far as possible meditate together. it gives a feeling of oneness. the motivation flowing from one person to another.                                                         Keep Meditating

Sharing our Meditational Experience with Others

 If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other. Sharing is always considered a very good deed. Sharing our meditational experiences with others will help them and it will also make our path easier.                                               Keep Meditating

Grow Strong Roots and Wings

 At one end where meditation gives us a deeper understanding of our inner self. At the same time, it gives wings to our imagination. Reaching and understanding far and wide.                                                            Keep Meditating