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When nothing is going right?

And your soul?

All Creativity Requires Some stillness

  In this present day, when we are running from pillar to post. Mind is occupied all the time with various thoughts.  In the midst of all this, if we get a chance or find a moment to sit quietly, when mind is not working. Sometimes, like a lightening flashes through the thickest cloud, even the heaviest delusions can be removed from our mind. We are ready to create.                                             All creativity requires some stillness. 

If you have time for facebook, you have time for meditation ...

Sleep is a good meditation

Are you sipping your tea mindfully?

Any activity that brings us into the present moment, opens up the possibility of meditation. Just for today, let us all become a little more present while drinking our tea. 

Thank you Medi-Buddies

The practice of breath awareness any time of the day  Makes us scowl less, feeling joyful and gay. We can choose any comfortable pose Observing our in-breath and out-breath  As it passes through the tunnel-like pathways in our pyramid shaped nose Rubbing our palms together, we place them gently on our eyes Coming back to the NOW moment, feeling fresh and energized Meditate as much as your current age Perched on a mat, in a clean and quiet space You can choose any given time of the day To spend some time alone with your breath,  Keeping your fuzzy thoughts at bay Practicing it daily through sunshine or rain Will give you the much-needed zest  To live life to the fullest time and again.                                     --Geeti The Medi-Buddies Book is now on Flipkart  :) 

I follow my Inner Moonlight

Let each moment be final

Openness Of Mind

What do we do when we disagree with our boss ( be it in the office or at home )? We have to learn to let go of our fixed ideas. The opposite of fixed ideas is openness. If we think that boss is wrong, then we should be compassionate( considerate and tolerant ). If he is right then we should be open to change. We should try to always learn and grow. Keeping our own longer-term well-being in mind of course.                                               Meditation teaches us openness .

Our Book has been released

our book is here:  Flipkart:   Amazon:   Kindle:   Announcement here: Praise for Medi-Buddies: "Medi-Buddies is an illustrated book for kids aged four to eight, probably the first every meditation book for tiny tots written by an Indian writer. It is a delightful hardcover, bursting with colors and eye-catching illustrations for little Buddhas. Narrated in a verse format, Medi-Buddies is meant to take your younglings through the whole process of meditation in a step-by-step approach. It starts with different sitting postures, covers the proper way of breathing and tells you how long to meditate. Various animals and characters to make an appearance throughout the process, bringing in an expansive visual treat for children. Be a Meditator ini

Breathe in, Breathe out

Why is golu out of his mind ...

Remember That Little Girl

Be your own Body whisperer

Meditate, apply your insights, be happy

Once an insight arises in our meditation, it is important to act on it in our physical lives. When we act on our insights and understanding, we gain much more from our meditation practice. 

Wanna live like a robot?

Be in the Present

Meditation teaches us to govern our emotions, words or deeds

   It happens with some of us that we begin one task, then get seduced by some other option, and lose our focus. We drift away from what is difficult. When the task is incomplete or not done, we get worked up. some times we get involved in arguments, exchange fiery words.                       Meditation teaches us to govern our emotions, words, and deeds

Wanna Hang Out?

I am in awe ...

Knock knock knocking on your soul's door

We are a lil wierd

It teaches us to be responsible

As our practice continues, over time, we begin to accept who we are. And when we are true to ourselves, we begin to attract friendships and partnerships in which people value our true selves. This is liberation in relationships, to have the freedom to be ourselves, but always being ourselves. 

Gotta go on an inner vaca ...

Virtues Within

   A number of times we hear remarks like 'He is so generous' or 'she is so responsible'. Why not me?  We all possess virtues like love, care, compassion responsibility, generosity, etc. some are able to exhibit it instantaneously and others may think twice. In many cases, we miss the moment and land up regretting it.  Meditation gives birth to compassion, responsibility, generosity, love, and care deep in our hearts.

Embracing Our Maddening Thoughts

The point is not to stop thoughts, but to allow them. They naturally flow into silence if we become a witness and stop adding emotional reactions to the thoughts. 

A pertinent question ...

Be still in your stillness

We are the stars

When I first heard an interpretation of Om Mani Padme Hum from my mentor Dr. Newton Kondaveti , I felt that a deep truth had been revealed to me. He said in one simple sentence - "You are the jewel". The words are simple, but the message is profound. We have to understand that everything we influence - our families, our relationships, our careers are influenced by who we are. And if we want to bring love and care to these aspects of our existence, we have to start with our own consciousness, and our own perception of them. We have to understand that - we are the jewel. If we shine, only then can we give light to others. Meditation is one of the ways to shine - deep, bright and eternal. -Saurabh (Art: Geeti Bhojnagarwala ) #meditation #beameditator #meditationforchildren #meditationforkids