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We are the stars

When I first heard an interpretation of Om Mani Padme Hum from my mentor Dr. Newton Kondaveti, I felt that a deep truth had been revealed to me. He said in one simple sentence - "You are the jewel". The words are simple, but the message is profound. We have to understand that everything we influence - our families, our relationships, our careers are influenced by who we are. And if we want to bring love and care to these aspects of our existence, we have to start with our own consciousness, and our own perception of them. We have to understand that - we are the jewel. If we shine, only then can we give light to others. Meditation is one of the ways to shine - deep, bright and eternal. -Saurabh (Art: Geeti Bhojnagarwala) #meditation #beameditator #meditationforchildren #meditationforkids

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