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When I smile / In and out

When I read I learn

Breathe away your painful emotions ...

The breath is connected to all our emotions, when we get angry, our breath is labored. If we are afraid, the breath almost stops. It stops when we are tense as well. Therefore one of the healthiest thing we can do when dealing with emotions is to breathe deeply. 


Any and every time is a good time to meditate

Savasana brings deep rest and may be practiced by kids

Especially after intense exercise, when energy has been expelled, savasana is a very good state and perhaps the first meditative experience of most meditators. 

Meditation makes your brain happy

I love my breath this much

When I become aware of my breath, my heart springs back and forth like a cuckoo

Meditation is a great blessing, celebrate it every day

Be a Meditata-holic

Need a coffee break? Just take a breath break ...

Help children be themselves, teach them how to communicate with their inner selves

Meditation requires us to be committed and dedicated

It is believed a meditator does not work for rewards, he selflessly goes on working towards his mission. Gautam Buddha renounced his kingdom, all luxuries of life. He went out to seek answers to his questions which troubled him. Maybe we don't want to become Buddha, but all of us want to reach somewhere. Meditation makes us committed, instills dedication.

When Miss Curly meditates, she simply meditates ...

Meditate for a few years ... and soon it will become easy as a piece of cake.

Eat with awareness, Breathe with awareness, live with awareness

Meditation and Sound Healing

They say everything in this world vibrates at a certain frequency. The human beings, the birds, the plants, the animals, even inanimate objects are also vibrating. Even our mother earth is vibrating at a frequency, the frequency is measured in terms of Schumann frequency. Scientists have recently done a lot of research in this field. The sound and its vibrations are studied in depth and it is said that sound will be the medicine of the future. Vibrations which certain sounds of specific frequencies produce can bring about profound healing effects. Meditation which happens after a sound healing session has deep healing powers. In our day to day life, we are aware of the effects sound has on us –  A mother's lullaby soothes a baby;  Bhajans invoke devotion; Temple bells bring you to the present moment; lively songs make you want to dance and melodious songs make you want to sing. Some sounds are not so pleasant though. A screeching sound irritates us, a hars

Sow the seeds of love and reap a peaceful heart

Let children find their own selves using art

The Basis Of Creativity

How to handle the school bully

This is not the only way, but it is a good way. 

The Secret of a successful relationship is everything and meditation

True learning is Meditation