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Meditation and Sound Healing

They say everything in this world vibrates at a certain frequency. The human beings, the birds, the plants, the animals, even inanimate objects are also vibrating. Even our mother earth is vibrating at a frequency, the frequency is measured in terms of Schumann frequency.

Scientists have recently done a lot of research in this field. The sound and its vibrations are studied in depth and it is said that sound will be the medicine of the future. Vibrations which certain sounds of specific frequencies produce can bring about profound healing effects. Meditation which happens after a sound healing session has deep healing powers.

In our day to day life, we are aware of the effects sound has on us –  A mother's lullaby soothes a baby;  Bhajans invoke devotion; Temple bells bring you to the present moment; lively songs make you want to dance and melodious songs make you want to sing. Some sounds are not so pleasant though. A screeching sound irritates us, a harsh tone can de-motivate us; Honking puts us off; Constant cribbing or complaining creates distance in relationships and being ridiculed by a crowd creates fear in us.

Medical science too recognizes the effect of sound has on us. Ultrasound helps us to ‘see’ the baby before its birth. The position of the baby can be determined and smooth delivery of the child can be ensured. Ultrasound is a classic example of ‘seeing’ with the help of ‘sound.  Sound is also used to locate kidney stones and detect tumors.

In many ancient tales, we hear about the use of sound. The Romans built their amphitheaters with such precision that, the person sitting in the last row could hear the sound of music or a performance. Arjun’s pratyancha (bow-string) could make thousands of people unconsciousness by its vibrations. Mantras were used extensively in ancient India to bring about mass healing. Some shamanic chants from Native American cultures were used to remove negativity and to purify the space in which the tribe operated.

Edgar Cayce said that ‘Sound is the medicine of the future.’ Deepak Chopra has revived an ancient Sound healing practice called ‘Primordial Sound Meditation’. And Nikola Tesla, the pioneer of modern Physics said that ‘If you want to understand the secrets of the universe,  think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibrations’.

Sound plays a prominent role in the arts and entertainment. Various art forms like theater, dance, painting are enhanced by background scores. One cannot imagine a movie without music and dialogues. Live music shows are even more enthralling than recorded music of highest quality because the live moment also carries the consciousness of the creator of the sound.

Most importantly, the sound has an effect on our emotions. Various ragas uplift our mood depending on the time of the day. Shouting/screaming releases pent up emotions; A baby laughing changes a person’s mood instantly. Some ragas temper one's emotions and balance certain hormones in the body (Ayurveda). Positive words motivate us and uplift our spirits.

An awareness of the sounds that are in our lives and at this moment can be of tremendous advantage to a meditator. With a deeper knowledge of sound, we can access another dimension of healing and enter the zone of silence where meditation begins.
Some say that sounds disturb a meditator. I would say, use sound like an excuse and see the magic. Meditation will be deeper.

Priti Yogesh Patil

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