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Meditate with us! 6:00 am India time daily

Group meditation at a regular time with other committed meditators can support newbies in building their practice. If you would like to meditate with us at 6:00 am India time, please contact 

 Saurabh @ +919945131095 
     Geeti @ +919830226429 

How this works: 
1. How to Meditate
If you need help learning to meditate, we will help you learn. You can also find detailed instructions here --- Learn to Meditate

2. 4-day Trial: 
Then we meditate together for 4 days as 6:00 am IST. This is a trial period for you to see if this arrangement works for you.

3. Group Meditation: 
Then you join our WhatsApp group and meditate daily. Each month you get to decide if you wish to continue.

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