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We have joys we have fun

Meditation is the Manure

Grandmother's meditation

 We talk so many things about meditation. Meditation gets rid of negative thoughts, it relaxes our mind, improves creativity, eliminates stress, cultivates inner peace and so on.  But can my meditation reach some one else? in certain cases-- "Grandmother's meditation reaches the sleeping baby and calm him down"

Breathe through your worries

No Visa No Passport, Just Meditate

B what you want to B

Tuning into my breath

Let's Pledge Together

Boxers box their opponents

I am a queen of hearts

Just slide through your past

Simply take the first few steps

Forgiveness comes from understanding

Get RECHARGED Instantly


Use Examples to help children learn

Want a heart connection


May we have many story books that help children with their meditation practice

Children learn from examples, elders can lead by example

Light like a feather and confident like a king

My mind is like my pet dog Kuchu

Mindfulness Game: Be Present in the body

One of the ways to make children connect with their breaths is to include it in games. Simple everyday games may have a component of awareness. In that way, children understand the value of presence because it immediately enhances their performance (in theory at least). Here is an example. Have the players (kids of all ages ;)), stand on one leg, with their eyes closed. Notice that closing our eyes is one of the things we do when starting meditation. Now ask them to connect with their breath and stand for as long as possible on one leg. The person who stands the longest demonstrates presence with their bodies. The goal is not to create competition, but to use competition as a means to help hyperactive and energetic children become mindful.

Rejuvenate Yourself

Going into meditation is like getting a haircut

How to get up from meditation

It is a good idea to take your time while coming out of meditation, so you do not shock your system. Give yourself 5-10 minutes to readjust to your physical senses again. If you have to do some work, then it is okay to get into action immediately as well. 

Things gradually fall into place when we continue to meditate