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Before/After meditation

Sometimes we get strange messages in meditation :). It is okay, just observe as if it were any other experience.  

Meditation enhances compassion

With meditation our compassion increases. When compassion increases, prejudices reduce and with that we become accepting of others as well as our own selves. 

Meditate through life

Meditate for the Seed of Courage to Grow

 It is difficult to attack fear directly. It is strong. It has taken deep roots. Only courage can counteract it. But what is courage? We talk so much about courage. He is courageous, or he has no courage, and so on.  Courage is a decision, which we make when we want to move beyond fear, towards unknown or stand gracefully under pressure. It is a magical seed that turns dreams into reality. Put the seed of courage in your heart. Meditate for it to grow.  Fear will disappear on its own.                                                       Keep Meditating  

Tap into the natural sweetness of life

Meditation makes life sweeter. Go for it. Contact us if you wish to learn. 

I Missed My Meditation Today

If you missed your meditation yesterday, does not matter, start again today. 

Dear Meditation,

Write what you have gained through meditation here ... and appreciate your practice :). 

Donuts Meditating

How I am feeling right now ... :) 

Anybody can meditate

An invitation to a Jam session :)

Meditation Guides us to be Mindful and not React

 There are moments in life when we are resentful or when we feel like justifying ourselves or just cut off from the rest of the world, and why not if it gives us some peace. But it is generally observed that when we are resentful, we miss out on the love and care showered by our loved ones. When it comes to justifying ourselves a series of argument and counter-arguments start. which take away our peace of mind. When solitude is sought just to avoid a situation, then we think that everything is fine. But, it is like closing your eyes while walking through a thorny bush.  To stay mindful and not react to negativities is not easy. But, we can achieve it by continuous, conscious meditation.                   Keep meditating.

The outer reflects the inner ...

Our home, our surroundings, reflect our state of minds. As we continue our meditation, not only does our inner world become clearer, our outer world also starts to become clearer. 

Tears can come up during meditation and it is okay

Kindness increases with meditation

The flowering of love is meditation

By creating awareness of our true nature, meditation helps us fall in love with ourselves. When we love ourselves, that love is reflected back from the outside as well. Need help starting meditation? Message us. 

True Meditation Is being present with all that is ...

Self care and meditation are needed

Become joyful with your breath

This is one of the things you can do right here right now ... 

Find Your Breath

Where is it right now?  Notice how you became calm and aware as soon as you started observing it?

Send Out Excess Energy

Often meditation builds up energy for us. It is good to translate this pent up energy into some constructive action. 

Mindful Gratitude

Ever notice, if you are feeling grateful, you are in the present moment. 

The Most Precious Spiritual Jewels

Well ... technically, you don't have to change your breath in any way, just observe it. As you recognize that you are in the ocean of consciousness, just become one with your breath. 

Focus on what you can control ...

Meditate through the heat ...

It won't make you feel cooler, but it will make the heat bearable :) 

Mammas and babies can meditate together

Babies are already in meditation tho! :) 

The Deeper I Sink

Food is fuel and meditation is therapy

Mindful Living

The meditator's life philosophy ...